WOD 8/30/08

10 Wall Ball / 10 Push Ups
9 Wall Ball / 9 Push Ups
8 Wall Ball / 8 Push Ups
– Con’t’d –
1 Wall Ball / 1 Push Up
800m Run
1 Wall Ball / 1 Push Up
– Cont’d –
8 Wall Ball / 8 Push Up
9 Wall Ball / 9 Push Up
10 Wall Ball / 10 Push Up

Allison 16’10”
Michelle 16’37”

Good work, Ladies! Another tough WOD on a hot day!

Up and Running

Well, we are officially up and running as a CrossFit affiliate! The staff at CrossFit HQ was awesome and kept us up to speed and provided us great directions and feedback throughout the process. The most work was all the paperwork being filed all over Hell’s half acre with everyone and their brother, but at least it’s done! We can now begin to get down to some serious training for those of you who are ready to put the effort and time into getting fitter and healthier than ever before!

With that being said, I have had MANY people from my workplace ask me if and when I was going to start an affiliate. Now that the time is here, loads of folks are already asking how big the place is so they can start getting some training and instruction. This is a great sign as it could potentially mean a real-deal box is in the cards in the near future. I will have a few folks make it out to our home based facility, but by the sounds of it, there is potential for more folks at a larger box in a good location. We are moving slowly forward so we don’t get in over our heads, but I think it will work out well for everyone! I will keep you all posted as we go.

3-2-1… GO!

WOD 8/28/08

400m Run
50 GHD Sit ups
400m Run
50 Push-ups
400m Run
50 Knee to Elbows

Allison 13’30”
Stephanie 13’41
Michelle 13’43”

Another treat from Allison – I did not make the WOD since I was battling with the stupid internet and trying to post our main website. This was pure Hell on Earth for anyone as un-web savvy as me. But it should be up and running by tomorrow afternoon. Good job to the ladies for their efforts and times! They kicked some butt!

WOD 8/26/08

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds
5 exercises-1 minute per exercise for max.reps.
Rotate through all exercises before 1 minute rest.
Total reps is your final score.
Wall Ball (20# men/13# Women)
SDLHP (75# Men/55# Women)
Box Jumps (20″ box)
Push Press (75# Men/65# Women)
Row (Calories)
Ian -350 as Rx’d
Allison- 313 as Rx’d
Stephanie – 331 (subbed 35# SDLHP/45# PP)
Michelle – 289 (subbed 35# SDLHP/45# PP)
This was Allison’s idea!! Always a killer, but everyone did really well. This was Steph’s first go at FGB and she did a helluva job – she KILLLED it on the rows, scoring 24, 27, & 31 calories! Michelle gutted it out in her first attempt and scored a very impressive 289 under Allison’s eagle eye. Ian PR’d by 45 and Allison PR’d by a lot. Good work to all!

Our new site!

We are working on getting our new site(s) up and running, so bear with us. Our homepage will be all info related to our CrossFit Centurion gym, while this site will allow us to post the WOD and other posts about form, technique, competitions, etc.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact either Allison or Ian at our main site or via the comments section here.

Take care and stay fit!