WOD 8/26/08

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 Rounds
5 exercises-1 minute per exercise for max.reps.
Rotate through all exercises before 1 minute rest.
Total reps is your final score.
Wall Ball (20# men/13# Women)
SDLHP (75# Men/55# Women)
Box Jumps (20″ box)
Push Press (75# Men/65# Women)
Row (Calories)
Ian -350 as Rx’d
Allison- 313 as Rx’d
Stephanie – 331 (subbed 35# SDLHP/45# PP)
Michelle – 289 (subbed 35# SDLHP/45# PP)
This was Allison’s idea!! Always a killer, but everyone did really well. This was Steph’s first go at FGB and she did a helluva job – she KILLLED it on the rows, scoring 24, 27, & 31 calories! Michelle gutted it out in her first attempt and scored a very impressive 289 under Allison’s eagle eye. Ian PR’d by 45 and Allison PR’d by a lot. Good work to all!

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