WOD 10/1/08


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

2 Muscle Ups


8 Swings (70 Lbs)

Another great hero WOD. I did this once before I had rings and it was an ass kicker.

Subs – M/U’s: 4 Pull ups/4 Dips for each M/U. In this case, you would be doing 8/8.

HSPU: If you are totally incapable of them, do a heavy press. Get as close to bodyweight as possible since that is what you would be pressing in a handstand push-up. Use either DB’s to come close to the total, or use a loaded barbell. If you are wanting to try HSPU’s but aren’t sure about the full monty yet, work into them using a high pike push-up position against a wall. In other words, your feet go up the wall, and your hands are out a few feet from the wall – you are doing a very elevated push-up. Gradually work into the wall as time goes on until you are doing them as RX’d.

Swings: A “Pood” is a Russian measurement of weight. I have no clue why we go around saying, “pood”. It sounds dumb and I’m not Russian and neither are most people around me.  When I say “pood”, I get dumb looks & I don’t particularly like dumb looks. Even the few Russian friends I have look at me cock-eyed when I bust out “pood”….there’s another dumb word, “cock-eyed”..you gotta wonder how that one came about….So, now that I have digressed a bit, 2 pood is about 70 Lbs. If you have that in DB’s or a KB, go for it. If not, go as heavy as you can. Good form people, swings can be tough on the back at high weight and crappy form.


Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy - Hoo-yah, Chief! Fair winds and God speed!
Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy. Fair winds and God speed!

WOD 9/30/08


Lunges (25 Lbs)

Thrusters (M:95/W:65)

Pull ups

Knee to Elbows

Lunges are single count and are to be done with a 25 Lb plate held against the chest or overhead. Scale down a bit if you need to. Thrusters suck, so do your best. Ass to ankles please and full lock out at the top. Remember, don’t segment the movements – the front squat comes up, the hips explode and the bar travels up all in one movement utilizing the momentum you have created. If you segment the squat and then the press, you are going to die a slow, painful death and waste a ton of energy. Truth be told, resting with the bar in the rack position is easier than dumping it and starting over each time too.

Pull ups – get the arms extended at the bottom and chin over the bar. If you’re hardcore, go chest to bar. Beware though, every time I do them this way, I lose some skin from my hands, so tape is a rad idea. Same form tip apply if you are scaling down and doing jumping pull ups. Don’t zip through them like a flailing monkey at the zoo, instead a nice jump with some minor pull to the bar and a controlled descent back to extension will get the lats working and build up the ability to start doing these things unassisted. If you don’t believe me, you will when your lats are hellaciously sore the next day.

Knees to elbows are a toughy. If you can’t do them with full ROM, do a hanging knee up as high as you can. Control the body so you are not swinging around like a crazy kid on a swing set. That cheats the movement and uses the swing momentum to get your legs up. If you are doing full blown KTE’s, it helps me visualize doing a somersault through my arms as I hang from the bar. Try it. 

With the lunges I am sure my glutes are going to be making me look stupid come Wednesday as I hobble along gingerly. If I see you wincing as you climb the stairs the next day, I’ll know you didn’t cheat yourself. Get some!

WOD 9/29/08

Rest Day

This will be a deserved rest day for most of us on the 3/1 schedule. For everyone else, you’ll get nothing and like it! Personally, I need the day off. My shoulders are thrashed from the past two days worth of WOD’s. Today’s was the icing on the cake. My shoulders felt like hell and I was nowhere near where I wanted to be in weight today. I stopped the last set at 185 Lbs at only 3 reps instead of 5. Better safe than sorry.

To finish things up though, and being a glutton for punsihment (and maybe not so bright), I decided to get some Overhead Squat practice in. I ended up with a new PR at 205 Lbs OHS for 3 reps. I was pretty stoked and I don’t see 225 Lbs as being a problem. I will save that for when my shoulders are completely recovered.

OHS - 205 Lbs x 3 reps. This is a serious test of core strength.
OHS - 205 Lbs x 3 reps. This is a serious test of core strength.

I have mentioned it before and it bears saying again, rest is as important as our workout days. Without rest, the body has no time to recuperate and grow. A lot is going on under the surface – muscles are growing, tissues repairing and becoming stronger, the brain is learning from it’s experiences and neurons are creating muscle memory pathways for the next time the body is required to make certain movements come to life. If we short change our rest days, we short change ourselves in the ability to become fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and healthier.

Physical adaptation comes very quickly for new athletes and progressively slows as their skills improve. At later stages of training, it takes more to get the body shaken out of homeostasis, or it’s “happy place”. Only by shaking the body up like this do we get the gains we are looking for. That “fire under the ass” of our body is needed, but so are the breaks in between to rebuild and avoid injury and burnout, physically and mentally. New folks start to see gains quickly and are so excited to keep going, they sometime forsake the rest days, which puts them in a downward spiral away from where they want to be.

When I first got involved in my LE career I was a non-stop hard charging cop, working whenever, however, wherever. It wasn’t until later someone told me, “Relax, crime will be here when you come back. Take some time off.” It didn’t sink in, but it’s true in anything you are involved in. So, relax – I promise the pain, sweat and fulfillment will still be here when you get back.

WOD 9/28/08

Push Jerk


As if your shoulders weren’t tired from yesterday’s WOD and the 30 muscle ups, now you get to do Push Jerks! This is a great strength builder. Once again, the 5×5 scheme is the best for both strength and endurance.

Start this movement from the front rack position. From here, dip straight down, drive straigh up, open the hips and launch the bar off of the upper chest/front delts. As the bar gets airborne, you drop underneath it and catch it in a partial squat – no soft shoulders here. Lock it out directly overhead and then stand – that’s 1 rep. Bring the bar back down into the front rack position and go again. You can do this from behind the neck, but I hate trying to reset the bar on my back as I usually end up hitting myself in the head or on the spine. I also prefer doing the movement from the front since that is where it will be in a Clean & Jerk.

It helps to mentally visualize and to tell yourself to “get under the bar” fast. Imagine that bar weighing a ton and you need to get under it to support the load. How do you do that? You’d heave it up and get under it. Don’t overthink it because the movement is actually simple. The reason I see most people blow it is if the dip and drive are not vertical and you push the bar up and out in front of you or they catch a heavy load on soft shoulders. Bumper plates are a big plus with this WOD.

It’s been estimated that the push press allows you to move approximately 30% more weight than the press. The push jerk allows you to move about 30% more weight than the push press. Make no mistake about it, you are not cheating anything here. This movement is still taxing and creates great strength gains. Get some!


I did Allison’s WOD today and I can attest to it being a crusher. The 3 movements followed by the row are tough! All major body parts take a beating – back, shoulders, legs- and a metabolic kick in the groin ensues by tying all the aforementioned parts together in a 500m row. I’ve been fighting a cold since Wednesday so I was not feeling as good as I would have hoped. Interestingly, I posted the same time as Allison at 15’37”.

On another note, some people asked me what a “weighted PVC training bar” was. I forgot to add that to the list of homemade goodies, so go take a look over there for a description. I will also soon be posting a page on proper nutrition for optimal health and weight loss with some very good resources attached to it. Keep an eye on the “pages” link on the right for that to hit the newstands. Peace out!