WOD 9/10/08

5 Rounds – Max. Reps

Bench Press (Bodyweight)

Pull ups

Back Squat (Bodyweight)

Score- Number of reps in each round.

This is the first time I have seen this WOD come up. This will be a pure strength session, testing strength and endurance under load. You can expect to be beat down after this one and that is the point.

My recommendations for this are; a) don’t be dumb – if bodyweight is too much and it is either going to fall on you and kill you, or you are only going to get 1 or 2 crummy reps out which will do nothing for you in the long run, scale back, and b) regardless of how much weight you use, have a spotter with you on this one. You can get by on pull ups, but even having a power rack with moveable pins would make me uneasy on this one. You are going almost to the point of failure. If you blow it and pins aren’t set right, you are asking for injury or a slow, miserable death. Lastly, don’t sacrifice a couple extra reps by allowing bad form. If you look like you are having a seizure under the bar in your efforts to get it up, you are asking for some major injury. Stop while you are ahead and in good form.

That point of failure is obviously going to come a bit sooner each round. Don’t necessarily go to failure. You will know when you don’t have one more complete, unassisted rep left in you. That is when you want to re-rack it and move to the next effort. This WOD is not for overall time. Move from each of the movements, quickly without rest, but you are not keeping a clock on the overall workout length. This WOD is designed to be run straight through the rounds as well, in other words no rest between rounds. That being said, if you are close to death or seriously need a moments break, no more than 2 minutes between rounds. Shorter if you can.

Stretch, roll out on a foam roller afterwards and re-fuel the body good when you are done. I can tell you this is gonna make you sore come sun-up, so give you body ample fuel to rebuild and recover and get those stiff msucles worked out as best as possible afterwards.

I’m looking forward to this one! Get some!

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