WOD 9/9/08

Rest Day

Take it easy today and rest. If you have had prior rest days, catch up on a WOD. Or, you can work on some speciality skills – Oly lifts, gymnastics, KB’s, etc. Just go easy and don’t redline yourself. If you are playing with something for skill practice, treat them as form based session. In that sense, the main issue is not weight, but repeated practice at a low weight, I mean low, and repeated reps to hone that skill. We want you razor sharp with no chinks in your armor!

If you get the time, head on over to CF Main site and peruse some of the info on the site. Check out the “Affiliates” page and take a look at other affiliate gyms, large and small, as well as some of the ideas presented on the various sites. Good stuff!

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