WOD 9/11/08

Hero workout of Choice

“JT” – In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005


Handstand push-ups

Ring Dips


-For time-

Take a look at the date and think back to where you were 7 years ago. I know exactly where I was. In bed, nursing a hang-over after getting back from my Las Vegas bachelor party, and trying to recover before going in for my graveyard patrol shift at Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Dept. I heard the news, went down stairs, sat on the edge of the coffee table and watched in disbelief as some convoluted Islamists wreaked havoc upon our country and the soul of all of us. I still remember thinking it could not really have happened. But it did, and in the wake of 9/11 we responded by sending our soldiers forward to fight the war on terrorism. Many of those soldiers were part of the CrossFit community and their loss was felt not only by their families and partners, but by those of us in the extended CF family.  

Today’s WOD is a time to reflect on those men who put it on the line to save countless other souls. I picked “JT” as my WOD for the day as I suck at handstand push-ups and training our weaknesses is one of the mantras of CrossFit. Also, JT’s passing was one of our first acknowledged CF losses – He was joined on that fateful day in the Hindu Kush by 9 other SEAL Teammates including two more CrossFitters, Lt. Michael McGreevy and Lt. Michael Murphy. The accounts of this loss and displays of heroism was documented in the book, “Lone Survivor”,written by Marcus Lutrell, a survivor of the incident. Later that summer, Coach Glassman began to issue the “Hero WOD’s” as a show of his respect and loyalty to those in harms way.

It’s a short, tough WOD – Gut it out and get it done. If you can’t do HSPU’s, substitute them with heavy shoulder presses. Ring dips can be subbed with regular dips.

Regardless of your political beliefs and ideals on the current state of affairs regarding our military and/or Law Enforcement personnel, you must acknowledge the fact that some person is willing to lay their life down for the security of yours. They don’t know you, you may not know them, and truth be told, you may not realize the signifigance of their sacrifice, but someday you will. Ask yourself if you could do it – would you? I know my answer, it’s pinned to the left breast of my uniform.

Say a prayer for those who have gone before us, for us. Then hit this WOD full on and hurt a little. It’s the least you can do.

Get some!

God Speed and thank you, PO1 Jeff Taylor.
God Speed and thank you, PO1 Jeff Taylor.

Photo courtesy of CrossFit.com

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