WOD 9/13/08

Rest Day

Rest and recover for another evolution. Lay low, engage in some light active rest, spend time with the fam, or practice lightly at a skill that needs work. No high heart rates today, please!

Lucky Freddy!
Lucky Freddy!

Here’s a pic of my better half Allison (right), Stephanie W. (left) and a lucky Freddy Camacho, owner of CF One World, in the middle of the sandwich. Freddy is a great guy – funny as hell, full sleeves of tatts, one helluva athlete, and a kick ass cop to boot! The girls got to hang with Freddy last week at the cert. They had a blast, learned TONS, set new PR’s, made new friends and contacts, and partied when they could. Steph is so hardcore, she even practiced her squats in a dead sleep – it’s a long but funny story involving a few too many “adult beverages”. The fun times had at CF events like this, the Games, and other gatherings are what makes this community so strong. If you have the chance to participate at some point, please do – you’ll have a great time and walk away smarter….and sorer and maybe a bit hungover (Zone diets do not apply during these events!)

The Zoo Crew!
The Zoo Crew!

Meanwhile, yours truly was stuck at home with the two grommets. Thankfully, they were actually pretty good and my stress levels stayed low. I was glad to at least give Allison a few days break from the kids – another form of rest and recovery.  

We’ll see you all on the next go-round. Peace out!

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