WOD 9/16/08


3 Rounds

800m Run

50 back Extension

50 Sit up

This is a great workout – hell, they all are. This one is another “Hero” WOD, in recognition of SEAL Lt. Michael McGreevy who was also killed in the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan in June 2005. A couple of notes – for beginners, I would scale this back in a couple of ways since it can be a tough one. One is to shorten the run to 400m and run all three rounds in succession as usual. The other, one that we use with our new clients, is to break it up as an interval. So, run the full 800 m/50/50 and then rest for 2 minutes. Lather, rinse, repeat. If that is still on the hard side, dependent upon fitness and ability levels, cut the run in half.

As for sit ups, stick with the floor/anchored for now unless you are experienced enough to do them off of the GHD. Doing them there is not a grand idea for new folks as you will most likely be unable to move for a few days after if you are not used to doing sit ups in that manner. GHD sit ups are potent, so work into them gradually. They sneak up on you more than you think.

If doing them anchored, put an Ab-Mat or rolled up towel under the lower back, right above the glutes. This forced the core up and upon coming back up really activates the core muslces, much moreso than doing them “flat backed” will. Try it and you will definitely feel the difference. Your rearward descent needs to be full – get those shoulder blades onto the floor before you start back forward. We don’t do crunches in CrossFit – that’s for step class and body shaping – here it’s full sit ups, so no slippin’!

It is my belief that a Hero WOD should be as hard as you can go – you will never work as hard  and hurt like our fallen soldiers did, so put your heart into it and make them proud! Get some!

Lt. Michael McGreevy - God Speed.
Lt. Michael McGreevy - God Speed.

One thought on “WOD 9/16/08

  1. ssdhealthandwellness

    I think this will be a good one out here at EVOC on Thursday. (Our weekly WOD day) Sub for back extension? Good mornings? No weight deads?

    I have one more mtb race this season, again thanks for the extra push to move me to the front in the Sport class, and at least get to the start line in the expert class. I am excited about kicking some serious a– next season.


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