WOD 9/18/08


30 Clean and Jerk (M:135 Lbs/W:95 Lbs)

For the love of God! Grace…I have no love for this WOD, but it is a great ass kicker. At the CrossFit Games this past summer, “Heavy Grace” was the closing event. I was in a fair position at the end of day 1 and was hoping for a longer endurance based MetCon event on the final day to make up some time. Instead, they announce “Heavy Grace” (155 Lbs) as the closer. I damn near barfed right there! The only person I saw stoked on this was Anthony Bainbridge from CrossFit Fredericton (he’s a friggin’ beast and great person!). I knew I was going to lose a few minutes and I did, tumbling down the rankings. I still finished it in just a touch over 8 minutes which was a PR for me at that weight and at 135 Lbs, so I shouldn’t complain. It’s just freaky to watch big powerhouse athletes blast this out in half the time and even 1/4 of my time, no kidding! Scary!

This is a hard WOD in that it requires a large strength component and a huge metabolic kick in the crotch is created in the process. There are a couple ways to skin this cat.

First, the cleans are full squat. Don’t be a whiner and go power on these – this is all about hard work and power output. Secondly, there are obviously two ways to jerk the weight – push or split. Your choice on these. At the Games, a third alternative was to actually turn the Jerk into a thruster. That’s a lot of weight to do for 30 thrusters, and if you are being totally technical, it’s not really a “Jerk” as prescribed. You be the judge on that one – purist or anarchist. Lastly, once you’ve locked out completely and recovered fully, you can do one of two things: you can dump the bar from overhead’ish, controlling it’s bounce and then re-gripping and going again, or you can ride it all the way down under control -from OH to front rack to the ground- touch and go again. The first method takes a bit longer, but conserves some energy. The second way goes faster but it is harder. Pick your poison, it probably all becomes moot in the end.

Last word on this, don’t be dumb. No one likes dumb people, especially a hurt, dumb person. Pick a weight that you can do safely with good form. There is going to be some form deterioration towards the end, but that is expected and will most likely not be a massive issue if you have the wherewithall to recognize where you are at in your state of deterioration. If you are already flailing around like dying squirrel at rep #5, then you are asking for bad things to happen to you. Go light, it is better to be safe than sorry.

This is a tough one. Go forth and conquer like a brave legionnaire.

"Heavy Grace" at the 2008 CrossFit Games.
"Heavy Grace" at the 2008 CrossFit Games.
Rep 25 - Dear God, Kill me now....
Rep 25 - Dear God, Kill me now....
Loads of fun in the sun!
Loads of fun in the sun!

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