WOD 9/21/08

Rest Day.

I spent all of Saturday at CrossFit NorCal with Robb, Nicki and crew at the CrossFit Nutrition Seminar. Rick Anglemoyer and I drove up there early Saturday morning and had a great time, met some cool folks and learned a ton.  Oh yeah, Rick’s got mad skills behind the wheel….

All I can say about Robb’s presentation is, “WOW”. Despite all that I know and how many people think I am dialed in on diet issues, the seminar proved I am only scratching the surface. Robb gave us so much more in depth information regarding the major physiological issues that our neolithic, western diet causes. It truly is scary stuff people – the majority of closed minded, lemming-like people are literally eating themselves into their graves at an accelerated rate. The worst part is that our “medical professional community” is in denial and helping the declination of health and longevity in society by being closed minded and entrenched in the ways they were taught, not in the science that has been proven. I am by no means a hippie, but I almost completely believe that you would be better off living off the grid, treating yourself, and maintaining your own health.

For those of you who have been in my diet and fitness presentations, you may have seen this before, but I will reiterate it again. The proper diet is simple and is as follows: Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starches, and no sugar.

This is the Paleo diet in a nutshell. If you do nothing else, eat this way. Do not worry about Zone proportions at this time, just eat like this. No processed crap and no simple carbs. You will make dramatic changes in your health and overall longevity. Try it for 30 days and see what happens. Most likely you will be surprised and in better health.

I will soon transcribe my notes from the seminar and post them here for folks to read. In the meantime, take a well deserved rest day and eat well. Enjoy a couple shots of tequila before dinner (Robb recommended it, I swear to God! Hard alcohol being better than beer or wine) while I am making up for my missed Filthy Fifty WOD. When you have a good buzz going, go to Robb’s blog site in the links and start to learn something. Even better, if you get the chance to go to Robb’s seminar, do it! Robb and Nicki are great people just like the rest of the CF community and the knowledge you gain is worth every penny.

I’ll catch you all later. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “WOD 9/21/08

  1. Steph

    Sounds Awesome! Hey, does that mean Allison and I are good to go for the Reno seminar? We already knew that thing about the hard alcohol..hehehehe!

  2. Rick

    I found out later Amy actualy set up that whole “get stopped” by the CHP thing, he was merely welcoming us to Chico! Love those guys! It is not often you find a scientist geek, comedian, and athlete rolled into one, Robb is all those things. He is inspirational. Yes it affirmed my thoughts about how the typical American diet is killing off our population and kids way too early. I though Robb said do the tequila before the WODS??? I’ll let you know how that goes.

  3. Steph – Yeah, I’d love for you guys to go to the Reno presentation, you’ll be shocked. Say good-bye to your beloved Quinoa!

    Rick – Tequila before, during and after WOD for maximal gains in performance and health.

  4. Tom N

    Hey Ian – I met you and Rick at the Nutrition cert. after watching you guys get pulled over. If that was a setup it was a damn good job!

    Well said above on what the so-called experts out there are telling the masses to do with their diets: eat themselves to death.

    Best of luck to you with CF Centurion!

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