WOD 9/22/08


30 Snatch (135 Lbs)

I have only done this WOD one other time and it kicked my ass. Back then my form with snatches was not so hot, so I hope this time will be different.

As was the case with “Grace”, use your head. If you can’t do the RX’d weight, which is hard for all but the most dialed in athletes, go light. Check the ego at the door and worry about getting the form down before trying to hammer it out with a weight that’s going to mess you up. You will be decidedly uncool if you get so fatigued you blow out your lower back, the shoulders give our and the bar lands on your head. You don’t want to be uncool, do you?! Yeah, didn’t think so…

I would like folks who know how to snatch at any weight with some decency of form, to try and catch in a full squat. If you are kinda, sorta there with the snatch, continue to keep the weight low and go with power snatches. Either way, all of the reps are to be from the floor. The aforementioned description of a “not so good” workout should demonstrate the fact that you should know how to dump a bar from overhead, front or back, before getting into these OH type WOD’s. DO NOT try and save a snatch or OHS that is going one direction or the other, let it go. Bumper plates are the saving grace here.

If this whole workout is way over your head, I would suggest doing 30 reps of overhead squats at a manageable weight. Remember, active shoulders and a tight core are the keys. Break up the numbers as necessary. Get some!

Snatch sequence from the hang. Courtesy of CF Santa Cruz.
Snatch sequence from the hang. Courtesy of CF Santa Cruz.

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