Doing the “Dirty Thirty”

Since the “Filthy Fifty” came up the other day, Allison and I decided to run our clients through a scaled down, but not much easier version, the “Dirty Thirty”. All I can say is that we were both impressed with all of our clients. Allison ran all three groups today. Stephanie, Allison’s sister is a former runner and wound up flying solo in the morning since we had a re-schedule, but she kicked butt nonetheless and did the whole thing without stopping! Nice work, Steph. As if the four kids didn’t tire her out enough!

The 4 PM group was Burke and Nicole. Nicole is one of those athletes that just makes everything look easy. I walked out in the middle of her burpees and she was trucking along at a great pace, yet looked totally at ease and relaxed. I could tell she wasn’t sandbagging it, she just has a great attitude and approach. Burke is a former pro football player who is doing a heck of a job. He’s got good form and sticks with it, no matter how hard it is. He was jumping rope like a kid on the schoolyard – pretty impressive! Both Nicole and Burke had smokin’ times and did a great job.

The 5 PM group was Deb, Jen (Burke’s wife), and Vatsala. All of the ladies went at it after Allison walked them through some fundemental work like the other groups and demo’d the movements. Although I didn’t get to see them at work, Allison said the effort was awesome and they all hammered it out like pros. Jen is a teacher in one of our “nicer” parts of town, so you know she’s tough. Deb is a former volleyball player with a competitive streak and great athleticism. Vatsala is my neighbor, so she is not only tough, but she can handle pretty much any stupidity I throw her way. She learns quickly and does a heck of a job.

Congrats to all of our folks for showing up for one whole week of floggings. We are stoked to have you all and are looking forward to a great time with you.

Once again, Kodak was at it’s best, so all I can leave you with is Burke banging out the reps on the jumprope at high speed.

Nicole recovers, Allison slave drive, and Burke hammers away. Nice!
Nicole recovers, Allison slave drives, and Burke hammers away. Nice!

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