WOD 9/26/08

30 Muscle Ups.

It must be deja vu or something because I honestly thought this workout was going to come up today as I rolled out of bed before coming into work this evening. Seriously – I have no idea why. I actually did this WOD about 10 days ago and the blisters on the butt of my hand are just now healing. So, if you have rings and have been wondering what to do with them, nows your chance to put it them to use. If you have never done a muscle up before, this is a good time to try it. If you need to make rings, you’re in luck as I just wrote about how to do just that – check the sidebar on the right.

If you have to scale, you can lower the rings to a point where you can sit on the ground and pull yourself into the position. Or, better yet, a plyo box underneath you will allow you to jump slightly into the movement, much like a jumping dip or pull up.

Scaling the Muscle Up. Photo courtesy of CrossFit.com
Scaling the Muscle Up. Photo courtesy of CrossFit.com

Regardless of whether you scale or not, you must know how to hold the rings in a “false grip”. This grip allows the turnover of the hand from the pull up to the dip. The false grip shortens the arm on a third class lever, the forearm, and greatly reduces strength required to pull-up. The muscle-up is nearly impossible without a false grip.

False Grip - Hands are "rolled" over and up the ring.
False Grip - Hands are "rolled" over and up the ring. Photo courtesy of CrossFit.com

If you do not have rings, may God have mercy on your soul, because I sure won’t! Okay, it’s not that dramatic, but I figured that would sound good about now. The substitute for MU’s is 4 pull ups/4 dips for every 1 MU. Yes, that means a total of 120 pull ups/120 dips. Do them in the sets of 4’s – pull ups and then dips. Prior to having rings, I did them like this and it’s a tough workout.

A full ROM MU will have you starting in the hang position from the rings in a falso grip with the hands turned out, not in. Pull up, pull the rings inward towards your centerline chest area as you roll up and over with the hands. You should aim your head up and forward at a diagonal instead of shooting it straight up. Once the hands roll over, keep the rings tight against the torso and push yourself up out of the dip position and to full lock out. Reverse the order, slide the hands back into the false grip, and drop down to the hang with outturned hands and full arm extension before going for the next rep. I’ll be the first to admit, mine really don’t look quite that nice – I am still fighting my way through them with “Ian form”, but in a perfect world, that’s how they should look.

As a final note, this is rated as an easy move in gymnastics! Once you get up on rings and experience the stability issues that go along with them in something simple like a dip or L-hold, and then consider a move like the Iron Cross, it kinda makes you respect gymnasts that much more! No wonder those guys are so strong and ripped!

4 thoughts on “WOD 9/26/08

  1. Doug

    Once again, thanks for your tips and your excellent description of the move. I built a set of rings following the directions you posted but haven’t tried a muscle up yet – looks like today is the day!

    Heading off to “The Ranch” bright and early tomorrow for Level I cert. Thanks again for your encouragement and advice!

  2. Rick

    Im going right to the Iron Cross!

    Took a V-day yesterday in Santa Cruz. I haven’t surfed since I started cross-fit. I think all those burpees really helped my “hop-ups” onto the board. My actual surfing sucked, but I looked good getting up. Yes, thanks Ian. O, and then I went to Paradise Pizza, and had a huge slice.

    Doug, great job on the training.

  3. Rick

    Lookin good fer shizzle, take a look at the endurance site. I did a smack down on the 90 pull ups, struggled through the dips, have my new rings cookin in the oven as we speak!

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