I did Allison’s WOD today and I can attest to it being a crusher. The 3 movements followed by the row are tough! All major body parts take a beating – back, shoulders, legs- and a metabolic kick in the groin ensues by tying all the aforementioned parts together in a 500m row. I’ve been fighting a cold since Wednesday so I was not feeling as good as I would have hoped. Interestingly, I posted the same time as Allison at 15’37”.

On another note, some people asked me what a “weighted PVC training bar” was. I forgot to add that to the list of homemade goodies, so go take a look over there for a description. I will also soon be posting a page on proper nutrition for optimal health and weight loss with some very good resources attached to it. Keep an eye on the “pages” link on the right for that to hit the newstands. Peace out!

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