WOD 9/27/08

“Bad Alley-Cat”


Deadlift (M:225/W:115)

Push Jerk (M:95/W:65)

Swings (M:55/W:35)

500m Row

This gem is courtesy of Allison. When we work with our clients, we go over two fundamental movements prior to each workout. On this day, we went over the Deadlift and the Push Jerk and then incorporated them into a WOD with a couple of other movements. No, the clients did not do the posted weights above, those are for the fire breathers, everyone scales down, and as in the case of our clients, the most weight used was the 45Lb oly bar for the D/L’s and a 10Lb weighted PVC bar for the Push Jerks. Swing were with 15 Lbs DB at the most. If you cannot do push jerks, go with a standard press. Once again proving that CrossFit is scalable to anyone’s ability level.

All of our clients got to run through this WOD and they all did very well. I was impressed with everyone’s form and competitive times. Once again, Nicole made it look easy! Allison went at it with the prescribed weights during a break between clients and crushed it at 15’37”.

A 10 on the Suffer-o-meter!
A 10 on the Suffer-o-meter!

So, do the 21 reps of each movement then row 500m. Then 15 reps, followed by a row and so on. If you have no access to a rower, well then you get to run 400m. So no, you don’t get off that easy. I like the rower as it’s movements compliment the body parts worked in the weighted movements. Either way, it’s still tough. Make sure you are not “short stroking” your rows. Get nice full leg drive/extension and open the hips and finishing the movement with a slight lean back and a powerful arm pull into the diaphragm before reversing the order. At the forward position (the Catch), make sure the shins are vertical at the most, not so far foward that the knees are over the feet as this will detract from a powerful leg drive. Don’t reach forward either, a neutral posture is all you need. Lather, rinse, repeat until oxygen debt ensues…

As a final note, we are stoked to have a couple new clients working with us. Welcome to Brooke W. and Jean B. Both ladies are determined and showing a lot of enthusiasm to be here and involved with CrossFit. I am sure your hard work will be rewarded soon enough! Nice to have you aboard!

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