WOD 9/28/08

Push Jerk


As if your shoulders weren’t tired from yesterday’s WOD and the 30 muscle ups, now you get to do Push Jerks! This is a great strength builder. Once again, the 5×5 scheme is the best for both strength and endurance.

Start this movement from the front rack position. From here, dip straight down, drive straigh up, open the hips and launch the bar off of the upper chest/front delts. As the bar gets airborne, you drop underneath it and catch it in a partial squat – no soft shoulders here. Lock it out directly overhead and then stand – that’s 1 rep. Bring the bar back down into the front rack position and go again. You can do this from behind the neck, but I hate trying to reset the bar on my back as I usually end up hitting myself in the head or on the spine. I also prefer doing the movement from the front since that is where it will be in a Clean & Jerk.

It helps to mentally visualize and to tell yourself to “get under the bar” fast. Imagine that bar weighing a ton and you need to get under it to support the load. How do you do that? You’d heave it up and get under it. Don’t overthink it because the movement is actually simple. The reason I see most people blow it is if the dip and drive are not vertical and you push the bar up and out in front of you or they catch a heavy load on soft shoulders. Bumper plates are a big plus with this WOD.

It’s been estimated that the push press allows you to move approximately 30% more weight than the press. The push jerk allows you to move about 30% more weight than the push press. Make no mistake about it, you are not cheating anything here. This movement is still taxing and creates great strength gains. Get some!

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