WOD 9/29/08

Rest Day

This will be a deserved rest day for most of us on the 3/1 schedule. For everyone else, you’ll get nothing and like it! Personally, I need the day off. My shoulders are thrashed from the past two days worth of WOD’s. Today’s was the icing on the cake. My shoulders felt like hell and I was nowhere near where I wanted to be in weight today. I stopped the last set at 185 Lbs at only 3 reps instead of 5. Better safe than sorry.

To finish things up though, and being a glutton for punsihment (and maybe not so bright), I decided to get some Overhead Squat practice in. I ended up with a new PR at 205 Lbs OHS for 3 reps. I was pretty stoked and I don’t see 225 Lbs as being a problem. I will save that for when my shoulders are completely recovered.

OHS - 205 Lbs x 3 reps. This is a serious test of core strength.
OHS - 205 Lbs x 3 reps. This is a serious test of core strength.

I have mentioned it before and it bears saying again, rest is as important as our workout days. Without rest, the body has no time to recuperate and grow. A lot is going on under the surface – muscles are growing, tissues repairing and becoming stronger, the brain is learning from it’s experiences and neurons are creating muscle memory pathways for the next time the body is required to make certain movements come to life. If we short change our rest days, we short change ourselves in the ability to become fitter, faster, stronger, leaner and healthier.

Physical adaptation comes very quickly for new athletes and progressively slows as their skills improve. At later stages of training, it takes more to get the body shaken out of homeostasis, or it’s “happy place”. Only by shaking the body up like this do we get the gains we are looking for. That “fire under the ass” of our body is needed, but so are the breaks in between to rebuild and avoid injury and burnout, physically and mentally. New folks start to see gains quickly and are so excited to keep going, they sometime forsake the rest days, which puts them in a downward spiral away from where they want to be.

When I first got involved in my LE career I was a non-stop hard charging cop, working whenever, however, wherever. It wasn’t until later someone told me, “Relax, crime will be here when you come back. Take some time off.” It didn’t sink in, but it’s true in anything you are involved in. So, relax – I promise the pain, sweat and fulfillment will still be here when you get back.

2 thoughts on “WOD 9/29/08

  1. Seriously, 205# x 3????? WOW!.

    The site looks great. I love the blog. Really good information you throw out there. I’m gonna link you to the One World site. Awesome work Ian (the site and the OHS!).

    P.S.- Can we get some more pics of that hot Allison chick? :-)~

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