WOD 9/30/08


Lunges (25 Lbs)

Thrusters (M:95/W:65)

Pull ups

Knee to Elbows

Lunges are single count and are to be done with a 25 Lb plate held against the chest or overhead. Scale down a bit if you need to. Thrusters suck, so do your best. Ass to ankles please and full lock out at the top. Remember, don’t segment the movements – the front squat comes up, the hips explode and the bar travels up all in one movement utilizing the momentum you have created. If you segment the squat and then the press, you are going to die a slow, painful death and waste a ton of energy. Truth be told, resting with the bar in the rack position is easier than dumping it and starting over each time too.

Pull ups – get the arms extended at the bottom and chin over the bar. If you’re hardcore, go chest to bar. Beware though, every time I do them this way, I lose some skin from my hands, so tape is a rad idea. Same form tip apply if you are scaling down and doing jumping pull ups. Don’t zip through them like a flailing monkey at the zoo, instead a nice jump with some minor pull to the bar and a controlled descent back to extension will get the lats working and build up the ability to start doing these things unassisted. If you don’t believe me, you will when your lats are hellaciously sore the next day.

Knees to elbows are a toughy. If you can’t do them with full ROM, do a hanging knee up as high as you can. Control the body so you are not swinging around like a crazy kid on a swing set. That cheats the movement and uses the swing momentum to get your legs up. If you are doing full blown KTE’s, it helps me visualize doing a somersault through my arms as I hang from the bar. Try it. 

With the lunges I am sure my glutes are going to be making me look stupid come Wednesday as I hobble along gingerly. If I see you wincing as you climb the stairs the next day, I’ll know you didn’t cheat yourself. Get some!

5 thoughts on “WOD 9/30/08

  1. Will Blaker Crossfit OneWorld

    Congratulations Ian & Allison, I’m happy to hear some good to news regarding someone I look up to and admire. Best of luck to you guys, and I’m going to make sure to get up into your neck of the woods and ask you for the honor of a workout at your box. I’ll be checking in often.
    All my very best wishes.

  2. OYE! That was heinous! I have SWAT training this morning, so I had to get this one done shortly after waking up and downing a cup of espresso and nothing else. I suffered like a dog the whole way through. This can be done faster, but 31’20” as RX’d was all I could manage this morning.

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