WOD 11/1/08


5 Rounds – Max Reps

Bodyweight Bench Press

Pull Ups

Rest precisely 2 minutes between each round.


This is a good primer to start our week. Use good bench press form and any style of pull ups you like. Make sure you rest between rounds. The rest period is important as that brief respite allows for more work in the succesive rounds. Don’t dally around between the exercises, bang out the bench, then hit the pull ups, then rest. Record your max reps in each exercise.

Afterwards, I want you to do some core work. This will come in the form of “Waiter Walks” with a DB. Go as heavy as you can, so long as the shoulder does not collapse and become passive (I will go to about 45-55 Lbs). A “Waiter Walk” is done by holding a DB in one hand, locked out overhead. I like to do these in a square, since the corners add a stability challenge. Walk for approximately 50 yards or so total, however you choose to do it. Switch hands and do it on the other side. Do a total of 4 walks per side, so combined total of 8 walks. Lock it out, tighten up, take small smooth steps and keep that DB balanced nicely overhead. If you are losing the shoulder, go down a tad in weight, but going too light will defeat the purpose of this exercise.

When you are all done, stretch out for a few minutes. Hit the hams, quads, glutes and flexors primarily then go onto other parts that may need it.


WOD 10/31/08


Happy Halloween! Enojy the day off and maybe indulge a bit, just not too much or you’ll end up in a insulin crashing coma and pass out in the middle of the living room.

I have been stricken with a heinous stomach flu, thanks to my oldest son who made sure everyone in the house got a piece of it – I was the last in line. I am wrecked and feel like hell, so tomorrow I will be simply trying to get my feet back under me. Kids seems to mutate a normal virus or bacteria into something so wicked, Satan himself would be scared. I don’t get it.

OK, I am going to pop some pills to ease my screaming headache and go to sleep. You all enjoy your rest day and holiday! See you on the next go ’round!

WOD 10/30/08

“Jacobs Ladder”

20 OHS (M:95/W:65)

15 Pull Ups

10 Ring Push ups

5 Swings (M:55/W:35)

20 Pull ups

15 Ring Push ups

10 Swings


20 Ring Push Ups

15 Swings

10 OHS

5 Pull Ups

20 Swings

15 OHS

10 Pull ups

5 Ring Push Ups

I dug this one out of my archives, courtesy of Eugene Allen at CrossFit Pierce County. I have not done this in quite some time, but I remember it being pretty fun. I figured this would be a good one before we punched out for the rest day. Do yourself a favor though, and write down the rep scheme. Unless you are Rainman, there is no way you are going to remember this.

Overhead Squats are more of a core exercise than a leg exercise. Make sure you lock the core in nice and tight and get nice active shoulders with the bar locked out overhead. Active shoulders means your shoulders are shrugged into your ears and you should be imagining yourself pulling the bar in half. Go lighter than RX’d if you have not done these too often. The Ring push ups were covered a couple days back. Do them if you can, otherwise do regular ones. With the push ups and OHS, your core gets a double punch that is sure to make the mid-section tired, but stronger.

Afterwards, sit down and stretch for a bit 90-120 seconds on each body part. Concentrate on the hamstrings, the hip flexors, quads and glutes. Call it a day after that.

Get some!

WOD 10/29/08

“Deus ex Machina”

400m Run

30 Wall Ball (M:20/W:15)

15 Pull ups

400m Run

30 Box Jumps

15 KB Swings (M:55/W:35)

400m Run

30 Wall Ball

15 Pull Ups

400m Run

30 Box Jumps

15 KB Swings


OK, I hope yesterday’s WOD warmed you up, because this one is going to kick you in the nards (ladies, feel free to insert a painful bodypart to be kicked). I made this one up a while back and have only done it once since it kicked my butt nicely! It is very metabolic with some minor strength components in it.

By now you should all be pretty squared away on the movements. Subs can be a 500m row for the run, thrusters (45 Lbs bar or 20 Lb DBs) for Wall ball and if you don’t have a kettlebell, use a correspondingly weighted DB held in a hammer grip. Box jumps can be done as step ups and your pull ups may be done in a jumping fashion or with assist bands if needed. Do what you can on your own though, it is the only was to gaining ground on your difficult exercises.

Lastly, I want someone out there to tell me what the title of the WOD means, without Googling it or looking it up. I’ll give you this much – “The Police” titled one of their albums this.  If you get totally stumped, go to Wikipedia and look it up. I can get lost in Wikipedia – it’s like a trip down the rabbit hole with a neverending array of knowledge available. What does all this have to do with fitness? Not much, but the way you feel at the end of the WOD makes the title fit and I probably made you learn something you did not know before you entered “The Land of Ian”.

Get some!

WOD 10/28/08

Row 1000m

20 GHD Sit ups/Push Ups

18 GHD sit ups/Push Ups

16 GHD Sit ups/Push Ups


2 GHD Sit ups/Push Ups

Row 1000m


I test drove this one for all of you. It was good – not too easy, not too hard. This will be a good warm up to get back into the week.

If you do not have access to a rower, go to Craigslist.com and buy a used Concept 2 or similar erg rower, for Christ’s sake! OK, in all reality most of you don’t have a rower, so guess what, you get to run 800m! Yay!

Come back in and hit your sit ups. If you can do GHD sit ups, go for it. I want full ROM to the back with a slight bend in the knee going back, a strong snap of the legs on the way up to activate the rectus femoris, and a reach to the toes with the hands. Go back a couple weeks into the archives for a GHD sit up primer that I posted. If you don’t have a Roman Chair machine or GHD machine, do regular sit ups. Again, nice full ROM. Put a rolled up towel or AbMat under your lower back to really activate the core. Make sure shoulder blades touch the ground at the back end and you come all the way up at the front end. No crunches – we don’t do crunches in CrossFit. If you want Swiss balls and crunches, go to Curves…. ‘ nuff said.

Push ups are full plank, chest to the deck each time. If you can’t hold full plank, knees are fine, but work the plank position as much as you can in each set. That is the only was to get better at them. If you are a tough guy/gal, use rings for your push ups (hang the ring so it is a couple inches off the ground and have at it-hard!) or elevate your feet on a bench, place your hands on the floor like normal and do push ups that way. If you are super hardcore, do ring push ups with your feet on a box, so your whole body is elevated and your are fighting to keep that plank position. Then take a deep breath and go for a nice relaxing 800m run or 1000m row at breakneck pace to clear the head… or pass out, whichever comes first.

Lather, rinse, repeat…. Get on it!

Hardcore ladies doing ring push ups! Photo courtesy of CF Houma.
Hardcore ladies doing ring push ups! Photo courtesy of CF Houma.
Ring push ups off the deck - sunglasses optional. Photo courtesy of CF Troy.
Ring push ups off the deck - sunglasses optional. Photo courtesy of CF Troy.