WOD 10/3/08

Rest Day

Cycling Your Training and Recovery Periods

Periodization is the modulation of volume and intensity over a time frame, to stimulate gains and allow recovery. We routinely see periodized training in many sports for the benefits of increased gains in performance while allowing for good recovery in between in order to avoid the dreaded “plateau”. A good example of periodized training can be seen in Oly lifting protocols. In CrossFit programming there is a method to the madness, but it is not technically periodized in a fashion most people would be familiar with. The 3/1 schedule allows for some rest, but to take it a step further we can periodize our CF and recovery efforts. For strict CrossFitters, periodized rest breaks should be incorporated as well to give the mind and body a serious break. This will do wonders for the body and central nervous system.

My personal preference of forced recovery for most strict CrossFitters is a week of lowered intensity (50%)  about every six weeks. A full week off should be taken every 12 weeks. If you are like me, and I would assume most of you are, a whole week of nothing or reduced intensity stuff may have you climbing the walls. Still, stick to it and get it done. I am not saying you need to lay on the couch with a gallon of ice cream and totally fall off the wagon, just let the physical stuff ease up a bit. Some very light work is all that should be done at this time. Take the time to finish house projects, read, or best of all, spend time with the family and do stuff as a group.

As far as minimizing intensity, I would recommend toning down the WOD’s a bit in whatever means you find useful. Or, do 3 rounds of the CrossFit warm up and some light skill work of some kind and call it good. Or do something completely different that you may not have done in a while or want to try.

A break like this is a good thing and you will come back hard charging and with renewed energy and focus. I only write this post because I am at this point right now. Yesterdays squat workout was the bright light that made me realize this. I am beat up and tired right now and some down time will be welcomed. I looked back in my journal and realized I had not eased up since the week after the CrossFit Games. Now is the time. If you are in my boat, relax and come back stronger. For everyone else, keep hammering away, just know when to say when! See you on the next evolution!

5 thoughts on “WOD 10/3/08

  1. Doug

    CrossFit Level I Certification – $1000
    Used Olympic Weight set – $100

    Lesson learned by trying to put a weighted bar in the front rack position for the first time without a warm up or practicing with PVC – PRICELESS.

    My wrist did not like that position at all, so I’ll be playing with PVC while I try to get it right! I’ll take the rest day today though.

  2. Will - One World

    Great points as far as rst times are concerned. I’m currently training for a little challenge coming up at Crossfit Unlimited (Milpitas, CA), and after that I’m planning an entire week of low intensity, down time.

    I’m currently experimenting with augmenting my training, but am sure to not overtrain. But, who knows, I may still be overtraining. I guess time will tell when I approach some of the upcoming benchmarks in the coming months.

    Train hard, train smart!

  3. HAHAHAHA – Yeah, that first time wrist stretch out with the front rack is a hoot! A lot of flexion/stretch drills against a wall will help out.

    Will – Nice to see your post, brother! You hit a good point about benchmarks in there that I forgot to mention. I routinely use a couple benchmark WOD’s as indicators about my form and performance. I am due for that pretty soon. If you are close or PR’ng the WOD, then all is good. If you are going the opposite way, then not so good and that’s a sign. Here’s the kicker for me – Leading up to the Games I was PR’ng every WOD about 3 weeks out. and then started to slow down a bit. About 12 days out, I did “Helen”, one of the benchmark WOD’s and I flailed, coming in at high 8’s. 7’46” was my PR so I was hoping I’d be close and I wasn’t. Now instead of being smart about it, I was thinking I just had a bad day and pushed through with full bore WOD’s in a double day format, tapering off only a week prior to the Games. Consequently, my Games performance was not where I thought it would be and definitely not what I had hoped for. I knew better and I chose to be ignorant – I should have started the taper sooner. Lesson learned!

    Take care and keep in touch. If you ever need anything, let me know! – Ian

  4. Rick

    The last time I took a week off from training in some form or other was about 20 years ago after surgery. It is time! Thanks Ian, I would be on the hamster wheel day after day. I am dedicating this week to body care. A massage, getting in the spa and sauna everyday, and just chillin. “Hey do I look fat”? Wen’t up to Tahoe today and met some amazing athletes. Just as the CF community rocks, so does the X-Terra community. The donations for Jamie were amazing. Bikes, wet-suits, shwag up the ying-yang, jerseys from the kings, Eli Manning, USTA atheletes etc etc etc. I got to speak with Jamie for a bit and she is doing well despite the ravage of cancer and illness. She is in good spirits, and an amazing soul.

    Peace out, blessings,

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