WOD 10/4/08


5 Rounds – 2 minute rest between rounds – Time each round.

20 Pull ups

30 Push Ups

40 Sit Ups

50 Squats

This is a fun one.  All bodyweight exercises in an interval format. Record your time for each round.

Do the pull ups any way you can – Jumping, kip or strict. Break them up if needed. Same for push ups. Sit ups are on the ground. Put a rolled up towel or AbMat under the lower back for full abdominal involvement. Make sure the shoulder blades touch the ground on the back half and get all the way up on the top end. Squats should be parallel at the bottom and fully opened hips at the top. Getting the arms to swing forward as you open up and back as you descend will help you cycle through quickly.

Don’t be fooled by this WOD – Barbara is a bitch!

6 thoughts on “WOD 10/4/08

  1. Steph

    Dang! I thought you were just supposed to time the whole thing! I did Bab’s in 37:13, w/2min rest between rounds…..sigh, I still haven’t figured out the explination of how to time each “biotch”. Oh well….

  2. Rick

    Amy kicked some booty on this one as I drank my white wine spritzer from pool-side. She used the machine deal to add some counterweight and finished in 18:59. I am a little tired from writing this post,,,,back to bed!

  3. Michelle

    Now I need the pep talk about how the week off was worth it because the pain that I’m in upon returning is making me doubt myself. I feel like I did when I first started.

    With that said here’s my Barb:

  4. Rick – a “spritzer”? That’s a bit questionable sounding….I don’t think Robb would approve of that. Where’s the Patron Silver with salt and lime? It makes heckling Amy more fun. Oh, and good job, Amy!

    Michelle – You’ll be making big gains in no time. The suck part is the first couple workouts back. I’ll be there too since I am taking a few days off.

  5. Allison Carver - CrossFit Centurion

    Well today I did “Barbara” She is a nasty hoe for sure…and coming off Burpees yesterday was rough. I did have to sub pull-ups for j. pull-ups. That tape job that you tried to teach me Ian, did not work at all. Then again maybe I did it wrong, I was alittle distracted!;)
    So here were my times
    1. 3:47
    2. 3:28
    3. 3:31
    4. 3:32
    5. 3:04

  6. aaron

    despite the gross times, i did some things i have never done before like kipping 20 pull ups without stoping, so it was not all bad,

    1. 4:35
    2. 6:14
    3. 7:46
    4. 6:55
    5. 5:54

    round 3 I was fighting back the urge to projectile vomit, and the time is higher but I had to seriously sack up to get through it so in the long run probably pretty benificial. started to feel a little better toward the end. good way to finish the week before getting schooled in a little oly lifting on saturday by ian. later

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