WOD 10/5/08


3 Rounds

7 Deadlifts (M:135/W:95)

7 Hang Power Cleans

7 Front Squats

7 Push Jerks

10 Burpees

This is similar to the WOD posted by CFHQ for today. What is the rationale of either this or the main site’s WOD? Take a look at the individual movements in the WOD and put them together – what do you get? If you see the big picture, you will notice you are doing a segmented Clean & Jerk, just by the numbers. I threw the burpees in there because, hey, everyone loves burpees, right?!?! Sure, just like I enjoy getting kicked in the bread basket….

The weight is high, but for elite CF’ers it will be manageable. For people still working up to it, go light. When in doubt, err on the side of light. Use good form on all of these, through all rounds. If you are getting sloppy, put it down, shake it out, re-focus and go again. Burpees are chest & thighs to the ground and then a jump and overhead clap at the top. The burpees serve a purpose in that they are all encompassing in the use of body parts and muscle groups which you just hammered on with the barbell movements. Nice of me, huh?


3 thoughts on “WOD 10/5/08

  1. Rick

    Allison, can you tell Ian I am no longer talking to him! Thanks! During my week off, I am working on a few exercises that I simpy can not do. IE muscle ups and double unders. Any advise to conquer these bad boys? I can get one double under at a time but thats it. Thanks for any help, I will fer sure buy you a coffee next time I am in Rancho Murieta<–wheres that?

  2. Hold on Rick (or Richard -that goes well with the spritzer…c’mon bro..), I’m busy drinking a White Russian. A man’s drink….

    OK, double unders…ummmm, man that’s a tough one because I just flailed at them until I figured it out. The video posted on the CF Main Site for 10/5 is pretty funny because Freddy hates and suck at D/U’s and he lets you know it.

    Danny watched me doing D/U’s once and said it was a matter of keeping the hand speed up, and not jumping up super high as though you were tuck jumping. THat was what I was doing and my timing was all off. So, I jumped a little less and kind of leaned forward and it came together. I am by no means an expert, I can string about 40-50 if I am lucky. Come off the toes and and less knee bend to make the jump. Like doing crossovers with the jump rope, it takes a lot of practice. I wish you were here so I could try and help you and laugh hysterically at your flail and bail technique….Maybe Thursday I can get out to EVOC.

    Give it a try and keep working at it. For M/U’s see my post a few days back. Long pull up and deep dip. Quick roll over at the top with the rings at center line.

    Enjoy your time off just go easy on the Zima’s…. Hugs and Kisses — Ian

  3. aaron

    did this one today, although I adjusted the weight slightly, the brutality factor was still pressent. However, i like this string of exercises and will be doing it again in the future.

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