WOD 10/6/08

Clean and Jerk on the minute (135 Lbs)

Perform 1 C&J the first minute and then rest. 2 C&J the second minute and rest. 3 C&J the third minute, rest and so on as long as possible. Record your total number of minute/rounds until you can’t make it under the clock.

This is tough for a couple reasons. One, you are doing full squat cleans and jerks. Secondly, the numbers are compounding quickly, so you don’t realize that you are doing as much as you are until a couple minutes in. Third, when the C&J’s start coming on quicker and quicker, the rest diminishes and it goes from a strength based WOD to a very metabolic effort under load. HARD!

 Good form. If you start to blow it, lower the weight or slow it down. This may go by quickly for some people. If so, work on some weighted pull ups afterwards. 5×5 would be my recommendation after a few minutes of rest. SCALE BACK if 135 is not your flavor. Go to 65, 95 or whatever, it’s still going to be hard.


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