WOD 10/7/08

Rest Day.

If we are following the 3/1 schedule from CrossFit HQ, then today is a rest day. For Allison and I, we will be actually hitting WOD’s tomorrow as we have taken the last few days off. I kinda took today off until the lure of steel bars and bumper plates sucked me in for some overhead squats. I picked up where I left off last week and nailed 225 Lbs OHS for 2 reps! I went for 235, but blew the jerk with a soft catch – no active shoudlers and lack of agression, you can’t be slow and soft about heavy weight movements. Next time….

225 Lbs X 2 - Got it!
225 Lbs X 2 - Got it!

We also had notable performances from all of our clients this week as well. Today, many of the group ran through “Barbara”, all 5 rounds. It was a great job by all. Stephanie R., Deb and Nicole went at it. Deb and Nic looked great with only minor fixes here and there. Nicole once again is the only person I know who can smile and look at ease at 170 BPM. She is also starting to string together full pull ups! Despite coming off the funky cold that is going around, Deb worked her butt off the whole way with flawless jumping pull ups – nice, smooth and fully over the bar and extended! Stephanie R. was also right on the money with excellent jumping pull ups and a great attitude, sticking with it for all five rounds despite a jacked up ankle that we tried to work around!

Deb (sitting), Nicole and "Barbara" try to figure out what the hell just happened.
Deb (sitting), Nicole (passed out) post-"Barbara". Trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Jean and Jen got caught up with a WOD from last week that we saved for everyone to do. Unfortunately, they missed “Fran” last week, so today was a make up day. The things we do for our clients! Both ladies did a great job. Jen is a great athlete although she doesn’t think so. Jean was finally nailing her thrusters and they looked great. She was stoked and so were we!

The afternoon saw Brooke and Vatsala come by to enoy my company as I made them hurt a bit. Vatsala was having a little bit of knee pain, so we did not make her do “Barbara” and did AMRAP 20 Minutes of 5 Squats, 10 Push Ups, 15 Pull Ups, 20 Sit ups. This was much easier on her knees but still a good workout. Vatsala finally has her jumping pull ups down. She will start to see gains soon if she keeps on doing them like she did today! 7 rounds + 5 J-P/U in 20 Minutes – Nice work!

Vatsala & Brooke - Lunging endlessly.
Vatsala & Brooke - Lunging endlessly.

Brooke is wrapping up her fundamental sessions. Today we worked on her push jerk and deadlift. We also covered the swing since it was an integral part of her WOD. Brooke is also a great student – open minded, good natured and willing to try whatever is thrown at her. Brooke had great deadlift form and once we broke down the movement and concepts, her push jerk was looking nice! We try to combine the fundamental movements we just learned in the following WOD. Todays was the “Bad Alley Cat” WOD where all movements are represented and tied together at the end with the 500m row. Brooke did a great job, working at a smooth, yet hard, tempo and retaining great form throughout. Good job, Brooke!

Vatsala and Brooke - Thruster face off!
Vatsala and Brooke - Thruster face off!

I also had a one-to-one session with one of my SSD partners, Aaron M. Aaron is a stud and has gotten into CrossFit over the last few months. Combined with a renewed outlook on diet and using Zone principles, Aaron is way fit and itching to learn whatever he can about CF and the accompanying moves and philosophy. Aaron is looking at qualifying for the 2009 CF Games – I think he can do it. Aaron came to me to work on an Oly lift, the snatch. He had some coaching from a trainer from a globo gym in the movement, but there were some flaws that were going to make his lifts more unsuccessful than successful. We went back to square one and broke the movement down piece by piece, working on the bar traveling up via a jump and violent opening of the hips. Aaron was nailing it so we started with at the bar and worked up slowly. Aaron’s PR was 115 Lbs prior to this session. Aaron told me he barely made that weight with his old form. I worked Aaron up the ladder with singles. He stopped after a beautiful snatch and asked me how much weight was on the bar. “115 Lbs”, I told him. Aaron remarked how easy that was. I pushed the bar a tad more and Aaron PR’d at 135 Lbs! He made the first attempt, but was a little loose, missed the second attempt by not getting under the bar quick enough, and then nailed the third lift. He could have gone an easy 10 Lbs more, but discretion is the better part of valor and I called it. It was sweet! Aaron was stoked and so was I. It came down to form and proper technique and Aaron took it all in and applied it to become successful.

Aaron - Dialed in now and Just getting warmed up. He would hit a 135 Lb snatch a few minutes later!
Aaron - Dialed in now and Just getting warmed up. He would hit a 135 Lb snatch a few minutes later!

So, it’s been a good week here at CFC. We are proud of all of our clients and stoked to see their successes. Thanks to all of them for making our little gym possible and allowing us to help them improve themselves as we also improve ourselves.

For anyone not yet at a rest day, tomorrow I will be doing the following. If you are man enough (meaning you don’t admite to drinking white wine spritzers..hehehe – Nuthin’ but love, Rick) you can join me in the misery.

3 rounds for time

400m Run

30 Bench Press (bodyweight)      *scale & partition reps if needed.*

15 L-Pull Ups                             *scale  to regular or J-P/U if needed.*

Can you say “beat down like a Grand Canyon mule?!” You’ll be sore the next day, trust me on that.  

Peace out, comrades.

3 thoughts on “WOD 10/7/08

  1. aaron

    was definately sore after this, was not totally sure how to do this one at first. started with the 400m run then alternated 10 reps bench, then 5 L-pull ups until i got to 30 and 15 reps, then started over. not sure if that is how it is supposed to be done but it smoked me good.

  2. Good job. You can definitely do the WOD that way. I usually go straight through the numbers – all 30, then 15. The 30/15 make it extremely taxing with the muscular endurance and high fatigue factor kicking in. Either way, I don’t think it makes one susbtantially easier than the other. I am still sore as hell! Nice work!

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