WOD 10/8/08


5 Rounds for Time

7 Muscle Ups

21 Burpees

This is a hero WOD in honor of Ryan Hummert, a firefighter from Missouri who was killed by sniper fire while responding to a call July 2008. That’s right – a fireman, here in the U.S.A., killed by a gunman for no reason as he was trying to help someone. What the F**k is that? If you can’t tell, it irks me that Ryan met his demise this way. A way in which he was helpless and definitely not expecting in any way shape or form. As sad as it is, I can understand some turd shooting at a cop, but a fireman?! There are sick people out there willing to hurt others who are here to protect. I hope the bastard got his in the end.

The gift this tragedy bestows upon us is to remind us of the need to enjoy each day to the fullest, the good and the bad. God only knows when, where and how it’s going to end for us, so make sure it’s on as good a note as possible if it is your time. Love your family, your friends, and laugh at as much as you can.

Muscle ups can be subbed 4 pull ups/4 dips. So, 28/28…ouch. Burpees, well there are no subs there, friends. It’s an all out suffer fest. If the back starts sagging too much in the burpees, drop to your knees to keep some semblance of a rigid core during the push up portion.

All of you work your butts off for Ryan and thank the skies above there are people out there willing to put their lives on the line for complete strangers. God speed and fair winds, Ryan.

Firefighter Ryan Hummert - EOW July 21, 2008.
Firefighter Ryan Hummert - EOW July 21, 2008.

4 thoughts on “WOD 10/8/08

  1. Rick

    After reading this, and the Main Site, I had to come out of retirement, put the chardonnay down, and suffer a bit for this hero. Three rounds in I started getting a migraine, and by the start of the fourth had blurred vision and pretty good nausea jumping off. But, I am still here, Ryan who should be is not, thus I am going to do this WOD again tonight with Amy.

    Blessings to all you warriors out there!


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