WOD 10/9/08

5 Rounds

7 Full Squat Cleans (M: 135/W: 95)

400m Run


This little gem is one I devised last night after a moment of inspiration! I did it as a test run and can tell you it’s a toughy.

The cleans are full, from the floor, squat cleans. Get good D/L form, lock the back in, lift and explode the hips, shrug, drive the elbows forward and catch it in a good squat. Stand and go again. The seven reps keeps you right on the edge as far as the metabolic, strength and fatigue concerns go. Immediately following the lift with a run makes for nice lead feet.

Give it a go if you like, just be sure to scale down if you are not good with cleans yet. Leave the ego behind and go light if needed. Keep the form nice and tight, don’t start letting the back get loose as you fatigue.

Enjoy, and remember who loves you!

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