WOD 10/11/08

Rest Day

Sorta… if you are beat by the last few days, by all means take it off. If you have it in you, I would like to propose one more “Hero” WOD. This is in honor of Richmod P.D. K9 Officer Brad Moody. Officer Moody was invovled in a vehicle accident while responding to a felony assault call with his K9 partner, Rico. Officer Moody sustained major injuries due to the severity of the accident and after a short while on life support, was allowed to pass away. Officer Moody is survived by his wife Susan and their two young daughters. K9 Rico survived the accident and will most likely return to duty in the near future.

To the Moody family and the extended family of Richmond P.D., those of us here at CFC and my partners in the SSD K9 Enforcement Detail extend our heartfelt condolences and prayers to you. There is nothing we can say or do to ease the pain, but in time things will get easier and only good thoughts will remain, all of which will make you smile again. Trust me, I have been there several times and miss those who have passed on, but smile at the good things they left behind for us to remember.

I am part of the Law Enforcement family, as are many who visit and partake in CFC’s workouts. These kind of incidents hurt us more than any civilian will ever know. It is inexplicable, but there is a true bond between those of us who make up the Thin Blue Line. It doesn’t matter if we have never met, when the chips are down we will put it all on the line for our fellow officers. I have said it before, I would without hesitation lay my life down for a fellow partner if it meant saving them from harm. The only other people I would do that for are my wife and kids. I don’t think the average person fully understands that, nor do they understand our loss as a whole when we lose good cops like Brad.  

Realize what an important job cops have – without it, there’d be pandemonium and anarchy as turds ran amuck. Be thankful there are cops out there as squared away and dedicated to their profession and community as Brad Moody. The loss of Brad is a loss for all good people in society. So, courtesy of CrossFit OneWorld, we are going to memorialize Brad as only CrossFitters would with the following WOD. Do it today or save it for later, but I expect all of you to do it in his honor at some point.


500m row

50 push ups

500m row

50 squats

500m row

50 burpees

500m row

Officer Brad Moody - EOW:10/4/08

9 thoughts on “WOD 10/11/08

  1. Rick

    Well said my friend! It is not often that those outside of law enforcement think of “us” as human. In fact we even teach our young recruits to suppress and swallow those emotions, as they can not go to a “hot” call and breakdown. This takes a huge toll on family, friends, and of course self. Anyone connected to law enforcement will know intimately the feelings of deaths in the line of duty, serious injury, disease, and suicide. Its the emotional roller coaster not everyone gets off successfully. Being fit in mind and body slows the effects of this turmoil. Thank you for what you are doing here at CFC. Some may think of it as “just a place to work-out” or a new way to train. I know what you are truly doing, and I can not thank you enough.

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  3. Doug

    Well said Ian and Rick!

    Today is a rest day from my running program, so what better day to find a CF workout to do? As a noob who has done very few WOD’s as RXd, I figured I would look for one that appeared “doable”. When I saw your tribute to Brad I decided to look no further.

    I don’t have a rower, so I subbed 50 sumo-deadlift high pulls each time. I have only done those once before (during FGB with 95 lbs, so 45 lbs didn’t sound too bad – wrong!).

    Several times I told myself I could scale back or be done, but I reminded myself that Brad doesn’t even get to start today, let alone quit. I thought about him the entire time.

    Great workout and thanks for memorializing Brad in such a fine way.

  4. It’s important to always remember those who put their lives on the line to protect our society. We have lost too many brothers in the law enforcement community recently! I appreciate the sentiment of your words and we here at American River CrossFit will be posting the “Moody” WOD soon. Thanks Ian.

  5. Steph

    I loved this one….did it yesterday. When I was getting tired and light headed I rememberd the inspiration of Officer Moody, and I finished in 18:16….I LOVE the rower!
    I am going to his funeral w/the Honor Guard on Tuesday.

  6. Will Blaker Crossfit OneWorld

    typical class act through and through bro. I’m doing this one tomorrow, as well as two other hero workouts from the main site, and I’m getting a few black bracelets to support Officer Moody’s lovely family as well. It all seems so marginal, so I hope I suffer a bit.
    I take so much pride in knowing that my Crossfit family extends to honorable individuals like those at CFC. Besides having my daughter and marrying my wife, walking through those Crossfit doors was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Take it easy folks. Hope to meet y’all soon.

  7. Will,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. They are appreciated as always. I agree with you wholeheartedly about CF being a great part of our lives as it becomes another family for all of us.

    Take care, keep killing the WOD’s and I will talk to you soon.

    Best regards,


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