WOD 10/12/08


5 Rounds

7 Deadlifts (M:225/W:135)

7 L-Pull Ups

7 Push Jerks (M:135/W:95)

7 Dips

7 Burpees

I pulled this one out of the batch today for a go and forgot how hard it was. I went extra heavy at 260 Lbs for D/L’s and 145 Lbs for Push Jerk. Still turned in a respectable time, considering the increased weight.

Deadlifts – I’ve harped on it before, but good form is paramount. Ass down, back locked in, chest up, head neutral, bar at shins and arms act as ropes to hold the bar. The mistake a lot of people make is to “lift” the bar using way more low back and shoulder girdle activation than is necessary. As Allison says, imagine pusing the ground away with your legs while holding the bar. As long as your starting position is good, your end position should end up pretty dialed in. The back will do only as much movement as is necessary, which should only be at about the final 3/4 of the movement. Push the ground away!

L-Pull Ups – These are a hellacious core and low back exercise as well as working the back like a normal pull up. The thing with L’s is that there is no cheating the movement – it is a strict pull up in all senses of the word. If L’s are above your pay grade right now, tuck the knees up as best as possible. As you progress, extend the lower legs a tad more as you go. The cantilever effect will be very noticeable. If tucked knees are a no go, then regular pull ups will work.

Push Jerk – I like to start my PJ’s from the front rack position each time instead of catching it in a press position and then going again. This forces me to replicate the mechanics needed for the same motion in a Clean and Jerk. This is a slight dip, drive the bar up and GET UNDER IT fast. Catch the bar in a quarter squat with arms locked out overhead. Then stand, recover the feet and set up for it again. Imagine the bar weighing a ton and you need to get under it. The rest will fall into place.

Dips – Rings if you have them, if not bar dips. Deep – elbows above the shoulder and full extension back up.

Burpees – I’ve probably made you do so many of these by now, you should have no questions. Touch the chest and/or thighs to the ground and get the jump at the top of the movement.

There you have it. This will be your moment of “Divinity” as you flog yourself with this effort in the name of fitness. Hugs and kisses – Ian

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