WOD 10/13/08

“Ham Sandwich”

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (M:135/W:95)

1 Handstand Push up





…… cont’d to..



What’s with the name? I have no idea. I’ve had a couple glasses of red wine and it came to me in a moment of inspiration. Or it could just be the oxygen debt I am still in from doing this WOD today as a test run. Either way, your shoulders are going to be lovin’ you come the next day.

If you haven’t noticed, I have been posting hard and heavy WOD’s lately. When I program my own WOD’s, that is my hallmark. I like these type of WOD’s as they encompass strength, endurance under load, and a high metabolic output. I am also somewhat experimenting with a bit of a periodized approach to my/our training. I will continue this heavy MetCon for the about 6 more sessions and then transition. I am keeping tabs on how I feel, changes in LBM, and if my time/power outputs improve.

This descending pyramid of Sumo Deadlift High Pulls is hard at full RX’d weight. Seriously tone it down if this you even remotely think you are not going to make it. Err on the side of caution and go heavier next time. I promise there will be a next time.

SDLDP’s are hip driven. The bar is propelled up via a vicious extension of the ankles, knees, and hips, through the torso and arms to get the bar up to chin level. Reverse the order to come back down. The stance is wide, hence the Sumo terminology, so go wider than hips although it may feel weird. The grip is mid-bar and the hands are very close together – just make sure the bar is balanced. The set-up and back position is the same as a regular deadlift, lock it in tight through the rhomboids all the way down to the lower back with the chest up. Keep the torso a bit more erect and drive up. The arms act only as cables holding onto the bar, there should be very little arm pull on the bar as the hips explode open and the bar rises. Keep the bar close to the body on the way up and down – this removes any unnecessary shear force  on the back & balance issues if the bar were too far out front. Remember, the hips drive the bar, the arms do not pull the bar. It is very similar to how the hips make the KB swing work, except the body posture is a tad more upright.

HSPU’s are not easy either. I still flip up backwards against a wall to do them. I keep my head neutral and looking behind me. If you are looking at the ground underneath you, it places all kinds of weird strain on the cervical column of the spine and shoulder girdle. All the way down until the top of head touches the ground. Padding under your melon may be a good idea. Another way to do it, is to get down into a high reverse pike postion against the wall. You will be in a very piked push-up position facing the wall. Walk back as far as you can towards the wall to where you are able to complete the HSPU’s. Walk back out away from the wall when you are done. The last sub is to use a heavy weight, I prefer dumbells, and do strict shoulder presses. This mimics the movement pretty well.

There you go. Enjoy your “Ham Sandwich” – you get to be the pickle – compliments of Ian and Allison.

3 thoughts on “WOD 10/13/08

  1. Rick

    Frickn-A Who is going to take responsibility for the pain in my elbows, and shoulders? I’ll take hand-stand pushups over those sumo-kick-ur-a__ shoulder crunchers anytime.

    the “Pickle”

  2. No Ham Sandwich for me today, but… I was feeling a little bit like a slacker after being out of town for a couple days.

    Round 1 – AM: Did Moody

    Round 2 – PM: Seven rounds for time of:
    75# shoulder press 21-reps
    21 back extensions
    Finished it off with some gut wrenching L-pull ups

    Maybe I’ll try some ham in the morning!!

    This is my first time leaving comments on the site, although I check it out almost daily. I think you two are doing a wonderful thing, keep it up. This is awesome and thank you!!!

  3. Thanks, Shaun. You’ve come a long way in your fitness and diet and overall better health and athleticism. Your hard work has made you stronger, faster, fitter. Keep it up, Bro!

    Rick – I laughed for about a minute straight…then I was over it and stopped laughing. No seriously, that was funny. I am pretty sure I had you sign something somewhere or I at least threatened you with bodily harm if you were to hold me responsible for anything….I know the feeling though, I was pretty wrecked afterwards too. Then I went and did some muscle ups….”…Boys smart, but he ain’t too bright….”

    Good job to both you guys and all other folks out there willing to commit to CrossFit to make you a better, stronger, more confident person all around. When your all done wondering why in the hell you do this, take a look at the chuckle head doing tricep extensions and realize you have him beat already. You are doing things everyone else thinks are too hard & you get paid handsomely for your efforts.

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