WOD 10/17/08

5 Rounds – Max reps in each exercise

Bench Press (Bodyweight)

Pull Ups

Squats (Bodyweight)


OK, a combo of brutality and strength work. This taxes you on both the muscular endurance and strength fronts. If you can do BW, great. If not, no biggy come down to a manageable weight. I don’t want youto load a bar at BW and then find out you can only get out two reps before you a), have to rack the bar and get nothing out of the exercise or b), it lands on your chest like a homesick rock and slowly crushes your sternum, squeezing the life breath out of you slowly as your life flashes before your eyes and no one can hear your screams for help since you can’t scream due to the bar now rolling up onto your throat….OK, I think you get the picture.

Good form and full ROM, please. Bench-all the way down, touch the chest (no high school chest bounce sternum cracker maneuver), and all the way up to lock out. Pull Ups – Kip or whatever, just make sure you are chin over the top and arms fully extended at the bottom. Squats – Ass to ankles is always nice, but at least parallel is a must. Open the hips at the top.

Although you are going for max reps, that doesn’t necessarily mean to failure. You should know when you are close to blowing it. When that is the case, rack it. I workout alone much of the time, so for me it is imperative that I set the bailout bars in the proper place to protect me if I do happen to fail mid lift. Use ’em if you got ’em. If you have a spotter, you have a bit more leeway for an extra rep in there.

EDIT : Rick asked a legit question in the comments about “all the way through” or “with breaks”. Technically, this WOD is run straight through. If you need to scale a bit (besides weight), you can do 2 minute breaks in between. I would do this with newer clients or folks still working on clean form in the movements. This is not a timed WOD, it is rep dependent, but that still doesn’t mean you get to have a white wine spritzer in between movements and rounds! Keep moving, rest when necessary. Below are my comments from when this WOD was run on CF Main Site on 9/10/08, so you can have an idea of the scoring format.

“35 yrs-male-175 Lbs — As RX’d

1- 15/25/15
2- 10/15/12
3- 8/13/10
4- 7/12/10
5- 7/12/10
Totals – 47/77/57

Oye…..I’m still quivering and numb…..Awesome WOD!”

Get some!

5 thoughts on “WOD 10/17/08

  1. Sorry kids, I was asleep. No rest between rounds, so yes, it’s gonna extra suck. If you are scaling though, you can break it up into interval format and use 2 minutes between rounds. Take your total reps from each round. This WOD is not timed, it is rep dependent only.

    Get it.

  2. Rick

    1. 12/12/12
    2. 12/15/10
    3. 10/10/10
    4. 10/10/8
    5. 8/10/8


    Thank God I only weigh 110 pounds. I felt like crap for hours after this one. Ian, you were in REM sleep so I went with just enough rest to cuss your name than on,,,,,

  3. 1. 12/15/9
    2. 12/12/8
    3. 10/12/6
    4. 9/12/5
    5. 7/11/3


    Ok, well maybe rick was right 😦 I cant remember the last time I did bench. I had the scale the weight on both of them to 155#. Ian thanks for the detailed instruction. You reminded me to open my hips at the top. I am smoked!!!

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