WOD 10/18/08

“5 Ton Hammer”

5 Rounds

5 Squat Cleans (M:135/W:95)

5 Deadlifts (M:225/W:135)


I know you are probably hammered and beat down, but it’s my way of showing you I love you. This is short, but tough strength based WOD…again. We only have a few more days of programming like this and then I will change it out, I promise. If you have been following these WOD’s, you should be seeing some strength gains from all of the heavy, yet metabolic work we have been doing. That is the beauty of CrossFit – we can work the strength angle without forgoing the metabolic conditioning, so we give up very little.

Anyhow, go at this one and hammer it out. Sunday is a rest day, so you can lay on the couch all day and curse my name (..Rick…). Scale if you need to. I will be most likely scaling up to 155 and 275 because I are smart….

Actually, with the 2009 CrossFit Games coming next summer and qualifiers being held early on, it’s time to start pushing the envelope a bit. Ricky Frausto from CF Omaha was a virtual unknown coming into this year’s games. In true dark horse fashion, he kicked ass and was 2nd going into the final round. Unfortunately, he slipped a bit in the final event (God, do I know that feeling…) and ended up 6th, still no joke. So, Ricky is already training something crazy. Watch this video of him doing 200 Lb thrusters…yeah, no joke and he only weighs about 150! Freaky!

Time to start turning up the hurt a bit. Get some!

2 thoughts on “WOD 10/18/08

  1. Rick "pickle"

    I have come to the conclusion that lifting “heavy” or even the RX’d weight is very relative, I guess thats the idea eh? Realized after a few practice cleans, the bar was going to be the max today. My legs can hang, my elbows even with little involvement are screamin to stop the madness. So 10 reps for squat cleans, and the girl rx’d weight for cleans. Felt decent with decent form, and then onto the CFE WOD. Why in the world do people insist on speaking with you while you are obviously right in the middle of a near-death experience. Peace boys and girls. Shout out to my 12 year-old Hunter who did the CFE WOD with me today, and kicked but on the MTB trail around Granite Bay last night..

  2. Righteous, Rick. Strong work as always and great insight into the idea of scaling to your own potential. It’s all relative, you are right, and you will still take a beating for the better! Kudos to Hunter for getting some!

    Take care, Brah!

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