WOD 10/20/08

AMRAP in 20 Min.

5 Thrusters (M:95/W:65)

7 Hang Power Cleans (M:95/W:65)

9 Sumo D/L High Pulls (M:95/W:65)

I will be bumping up the weight substantially for this one, most likely to 135 Lbs for each movement. If you are up for RX’d do it. Otherwise, scale back and get good, solid movements out. A lot of hip driven movements going on in this WOD, so make sure to get full extension of the hips to propel that heavy barbell around. The problem I see with this WOD is that it looks easy – that means misery. 

This is the last evolution in our strength/MetCon phase, so suck it up and push hard. I have noticed a difference in my own training and strength, so I know something is working right. The Black Box – input something in one side, and see what happens as a result.

Oh yeah, AMRAP means “As Many Rounds As Possible”.

3-2-1 …. GO!

One thought on “WOD 10/20/08

  1. Holy crap! I did this one at 135 for al movements and it was friggin’ brutal!! Easily one of the hardest WOD’s I have ever done, although I am sure the weight had something to do with that.

    7 rounds on the nose. I am trashed…..

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