New Pix

I have added a photo gallery link on the right sidebar to document the fun and good times we have here with our clients and ourselves. No, really, it is fun….. I’ll be adding more as I can. The photo gallery is in a slide show format, but if you like the singular slides, I am pretty sure you can click out of the slideshow and check out the pic individually with my captions under them.

I did my scaled King Kong today and Allison did yesterday’s WOD from our site. We got some cool B&W pix from the workouts as well as the previous day, where Allison made up the Hero WOD, “Erin”. We try and squeeze our WOD’s in between kid care and clients. The pix are in the new gallery section towards the end.

Also added is a “CFC Testimonials” section from some folks who have had success with my brand of madness. Check it out – it really does work!

I would also recommend to all who are interested, to go to the CrossFit main site and start going through the archived sections. The link to do so is in the upper right corner. Pick a month from the “month” drop down menu and go to the beginning and seriously start to learn about fitness and sport. The stuff you will find in there is unbelievable and there are some great pictures too. Before CrossFit became as big as it is, Coach Glassman and his wife, Lauren, added all kinds of great info and ideas to the site personally. Check these couple archived posts out and …. Yes, I know shameless, self-promotion…Go!

I also found another pic of Josh Everett from 2005 clean & jerking 315 Lbs (155 Kg) at a CF Seminar at the old CFHQ in Santa Cruz. Again, freaky…yes, I suppose I may have a man crush on Josh…don’t tell Allison.

Josh - C&J 155 Kg (315 Lbs)    Photo courtesy of
Josh - C&J 155 Kg (315 Lbs) Photo courtesy of


One thought on “New Pix

  1. Michelle

    The photo gallery is very cool. It’s neat to see the individual muscles at work throughout the excercises which obviously the person doing the excercises can’t see, but it’s also easy to miss as a spectator.
    You guys are doing an awesome job and it shows in the retention of your clients. Don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy what you are doing together!

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