WOD 10/22/08

                 Start with 400m run  then:

3 rounds of:

15 Deadlifts (M:225/W:155)

12 Bench Press (Bodyweight)

10 L-Pull Ups

8 Handstand Push Ups

                    End with: 400m Run

OK, after downing a Zone friendly White Russian, I came up with this gem to end our strength cycle on a high note. You will start with a 400m run, do 3 rounds of the the weighted stuff and then after all three rounds, you will end with 400m. Run hard, lift hard 3 times, and run hard to finish the clock. If you can’t run, you can row 500 m. That will be hard due to the muscle group involvement.

Keep your form dialed in. If you are tired like I am, it is easy to let it slide a bit – DON’T! Go heavier on the D/L’s if you can, but only with good form. Set your bail out bars on the bench press and touch the chest. Don’t bounce the bar off your chest like you are torturing a prisoner in a Russian gulag, please. If you can do L-Pull ups, you’re a stud/studette. If not, try to get to tucked knees and if that is not going to happen, then do regular pull ups. Sub heavy shoulder presses for HSPU’s if you cannot do them, or do high piked versions against the wall.

You have hopefully worked hard and will get some strength gains from my last few WOD’s that have been thrown at you. This is it – make it count!

3-2-1 … GO HARD!

5 thoughts on “WOD 10/22/08

  1. OH MY GOD! That was frickin hard. I had to scale the D/L’s to 205 and the bench to 155, but I finished. Ian, my shoulders and legs are screaming bad things about you. As always, Thanks!

  2. Michelle

    Inside sources revealed that there might have been “more than one” White Russian that inspired this workout! I had to scale the weight back quite a bit (so much that I’m not willing to reveal) and I still finished in 21’49”

  3. HAHAHA! Yeah, Rick emailed me earlier and I have to concur with him…that sucked! It sucked, I sucked, we all sucked! It was a bit harder than I thought it was going to be. I am still seeing spots 15 minutes after the fact. I was so blown out already coming into this WOD, I jsut didn’t think I was going to get my ass kicked that badly. WoW!

    I bumped up the D/L’s to 255 and had to partition them into sets of 5 after the first round. Everythng else went OK, but I was crawling between stations and then the final run was like the Bataan Death March…. 21’50” at the end. It was all I could do.

    It’s time to rest for a bit…. Good work to all of you and it was 1 White Russian…. I think….. 😉

  4. Rick

    I decided to up the white-Russians, scale the weight, sal good! Starting tomorrow I am doing the WOD’s from the cross-fit princess site!

    My last round of HSPU’s consisted of me getting upside down then opening and closing my eyes eight times.

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