MSN on CrossFit

This is sure to be all over the place in the next couple days, so check out this article about CF being the “big craze”. It’s not a bad article. It’s by MSN, whose articles about fitness and diet are the usual junk we are all accustomed to hearing and knowing are relatively worthless. This time they are getting closer to the mark. They interviewed Jake Platt who runs a CF affiliate in Bellevue, Washington. Rick and I met him at the Nutrition Cert we were at – good dude. There is of course the naysayer who talks about injury becuase CF is so intense, but again this is a person who has no friggin’ clue of how an affiliate and good coach runs his box. That should not be happening at any affiliate gym. I would suspect most cases of Rhabdo or injury from CrossFit are home CF’ers or buddys hitting up WOD’s at work or the gym and going head to head with no real clue. A good CF trainer will make sure you get there, in one piece, and in due time. With that approach, we can guarantee a better, fitter, more well rounded and less injury prone athlete. That’s our philosophy here at CFC and many other affiliates. Take a read of the article and let me know what you think about it or CF training in general. There is also another article here from a CF skeptic who became a convert.  Drinking the Kool-Aid!

As a final note, I did Helen the other day as I planned, however, I did a 500m row instead of the run this time. The evening prior I had managed to seriously tweak one of my toes while struggling with a robbery suspect my dog had found, bit and was fighting with. It hurts like hell to walk, so I sure as hell wasn’t going to run. Nonetheless, the row is damn hard since the back and arms are being used in every movement of that triplet. If you get a chance to do it on the rower, go for it. I ended up a 8’30”, which wasn’t bad all things considered.

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