WOD 10/29/08

“Deus ex Machina”

400m Run

30 Wall Ball (M:20/W:15)

15 Pull ups

400m Run

30 Box Jumps

15 KB Swings (M:55/W:35)

400m Run

30 Wall Ball

15 Pull Ups

400m Run

30 Box Jumps

15 KB Swings


OK, I hope yesterday’s WOD warmed you up, because this one is going to kick you in the nards (ladies, feel free to insert a painful bodypart to be kicked). I made this one up a while back and have only done it once since it kicked my butt nicely! It is very metabolic with some minor strength components in it.

By now you should all be pretty squared away on the movements. Subs can be a 500m row for the run, thrusters (45 Lbs bar or 20 Lb DBs) for Wall ball and if you don’t have a kettlebell, use a correspondingly weighted DB held in a hammer grip. Box jumps can be done as step ups and your pull ups may be done in a jumping fashion or with assist bands if needed. Do what you can on your own though, it is the only was to gaining ground on your difficult exercises.

Lastly, I want someone out there to tell me what the title of the WOD means, without Googling it or looking it up. I’ll give you this much – “The Police” titled one of their albums this.  If you get totally stumped, go to Wikipedia and look it up. I can get lost in Wikipedia – it’s like a trip down the rabbit hole with a neverending array of knowledge available. What does all this have to do with fitness? Not much, but the way you feel at the end of the WOD makes the title fit and I probably made you learn something you did not know before you entered “The Land of Ian”.

Get some!

7 thoughts on “WOD 10/29/08

  1. Rick

    OK, I looked it up and still have no idea what it means. I am nodding my head up and down pretending though.
    Ian, outstanding job in the SSD HR and pre-employment presentation yesterday. There were light bulbs turning on all over the place. You are saving lives, relationships, and quality of life in a ton of people. “Ians world” is a nice place to visit, and it appears more and more people are moving in.
    I did figure out that 10,000 meters would of took awhile to do, thanks. Earl is bringing some of the pre-employment gals to the Academy WOD tomorrow morning, I do believe this is now a permanent fixture.
    Peace-out homies and homettes!

  2. Ian, all of you’re hard work is doing great things throughout the county. Keep up the good work! I love the website and am following the WOD’s closely.

    I went to the academy today to do the WOD and recruited Matt Owens to do Deus ex Machina. Aside from me taking a wall ball in the eye, this one hurt! Matt & I both wanted to throw up a the end of the last 400. We stuck with it and finished strong.

    Matt – 18:47
    Shaun – 18:22

    Thanks bro! You are indeed a sick individual.

  3. Rick

    “God the Machine” Ian is God! WTF-over! Don’t use cranes when lowering Gods onto the stage! Dude, this whole thing has got me spinnin! I am going to go punch Ken in the nuts just to make me feel better!

  4. HAHAHAHA – Jesus, Rick you’re killin’ me…. Deus ex Machina is Latin for “God in the machine” or as we have heard it many times, “Ghost in the machine”. A DEM story ends with an “A ha” or “oh by the way…” ending – one that does not make a lot of sense because that’s not where the story seemed to be going. It’s like, “oh, by the way, you’re dead!” One of those type of things. This WOD, and almost any other CF WOD, tends to be like that. You look at it, read the story, think it’ll all end alright, and then BAM!, you get the surprise ending of dizziness and bile in your throat…..

    If you want to see a great movie with DeM ending, watch “Layer Cake” – it’s an English flick with Daniel Craig (great actor-the new Bond), made by the same folks who did “Snatch” and “Lock, stock and Two Smoking Barrels” – also bad ass movies. Anyhow, the movie is great and has a rad ending, so you should buy it along with the other two for afterwards. Do it now, or I will beat you.

    As for me, I still can’t run thank to sans toenail (Latin for “no”) on my right foot. So, instead of the run, I did a 500m row. My row time is tad slower than my 400m run times but I still PR’d this at 14’10. It was loads of fun….

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