WOD 11/1/08


5 Rounds – Max Reps

Bodyweight Bench Press

Pull Ups

Rest precisely 2 minutes between each round.


This is a good primer to start our week. Use good bench press form and any style of pull ups you like. Make sure you rest between rounds. The rest period is important as that brief respite allows for more work in the succesive rounds. Don’t dally around between the exercises, bang out the bench, then hit the pull ups, then rest. Record your max reps in each exercise.

Afterwards, I want you to do some core work. This will come in the form of “Waiter Walks” with a DB. Go as heavy as you can, so long as the shoulder does not collapse and become passive (I will go to about 45-55 Lbs). A “Waiter Walk” is done by holding a DB in one hand, locked out overhead. I like to do these in a square, since the corners add a stability challenge. Walk for approximately 50 yards or so total, however you choose to do it. Switch hands and do it on the other side. Do a total of 4 walks per side, so combined total of 8 walks. Lock it out, tighten up, take small smooth steps and keep that DB balanced nicely overhead. If you are losing the shoulder, go down a tad in weight, but going too light will defeat the purpose of this exercise.

When you are all done, stretch out for a few minutes. Hit the hams, quads, glutes and flexors primarily then go onto other parts that may need it.


2 thoughts on “WOD 11/1/08

  1. Rick

    Feeling a little full of myself this am. After the CFE WOD I decided to throw a 500 meter row into each set of “lynne, and not rest. I would of zuked but there was a zillion people in the gym.

    Moral of this story: Listen to the coach! Ive been wrecked all day.

  2. Dude! I should flog you for your insubordination! Well, that’s one of those things you probably won’t do again, thanks to the coma you’ll be in for the next few days…. kids these days….. I will give you an A+ for hardcore effort though!

    I am still having major issues with this stomach bug. I thought I was over it yesterday, but come last night round 2 kicked in and I have been wrecked again. I still worked out and did Lynne, although very slowly and with lowered intensity. I hate being sick….

    I hope everyone else had a good holiday and a good workout!

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