WOD 12/1/08

“Centurion Crusher”

30 Back Squat (Bodyweight)

1000m Row

-2 Min. Rest

30 Bench Press (Bodyweight)

1000m Row

-2 Min. Rest

30 Deadlifts (Bodyweight)

1000m Row


CrossFit San Francisco came up with the “SF Crippler”, which is the first movement of this triplet, squats and row. That in and of itself is hard. So, as I lay in bed trying to get back to sleep, I thought of this gem. Yes, I realize I probably have issues if I am thinking up WOD’s instead of sleeping. At least I am not programming WOD’s during other bedroom activities.

Anyhow, I ran Aaron M. through this on Saturday as my human guinea pig. Aaron’s a trooper and had no issues tackling the WOD head on. He seemed to really like it or at least I like to think he did. I ran through it right after he did and it is a tough, demanding WOD. The rows are the icing on the cake.

If bodyweight is too much, scale the movements accordingly. I would guess that 70-75% BW would be doable for almost anyone out there who has been doing CF for a little bit, give or take. Although the reps will be fast, still get full ROM and use good form. Break the reps up if needed. The row is best done at a steady tempo. Don’t throw down right out of the gate and blow up. That will really catch up with you in the next rounds.

If you don’t have a rower, fear not because you are fortunate to have running shoes and 800m right outside your workout space, so no excuses. Time and record each round for future attempts.

Get some!

WOD 11/30/08


Weighted DIps

Weighted Pull Ups

Not a super-duper vicious WOD, but after yesterday, I am sure you don’t need another beat down. This is a good body strength WOD, so go heavy but make sure the form is complete and you can complete the reps at a given weight. Do all sets of dips with adequate rest between efforts, then move onto the pull ups. This is an ME WOD, not for time. Extra bonus points if you do the dips on rings! Make sure you warm up fully, – go through the CrossFit Warm Up at least 3 times before getting into the WOD.

When you are done, do some core work with several sets of Max. time L-sits. You don’t need paralletes, you can do them on a couple spaced out chairs, your dip station, the corner of a counter top, you name it. Keep the legs up and straight as long as possible. Tucked knees are fine if you are still working at it.

Hit it!

WOD 11/29/08


21 Thrusters (M:95/W:65)

21 Pull ups

15 Full Squat Cleans (M:135/W:95)

15 Ring Dips

9 Deadlifts (M:225/W:155)

9 Handstand Push Ups

Sorry for the late post. It was a CRAZY night at work, so I never even had 5 minutes to spare to write anything sooner.

Anyhow, this is a nasty compilation WOD of Fran, Elizabeth, and Diane. I have never tried it, but it looks like an ass kicker. I think it should be fun. I am going to get some sleep, work out, train a client, and then spend the rest of my existence writing reports….. Get some!

WOD 11/28/08


Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, wait that was yesterday…when we should have had a day off…. Anyhow, I hope your T-day was enjoyable and tasty. Ours was a hoot…

If you took turkey day off from CrossFit, then make it up today. If not, then rest today or do some light skill work at best. Or, better yet, chill out with the family and watch football games and then fight over game results. I suppose some of you will use your functional fitness to fight off the masses on shopping day.

Rest day reading comes from Keith Wittenstein at CrossFit Virtuousity in NY. I always find some good, informative and thought provoking stuff at Keith’s site.

Take care!

WOD 11/27/08


Back Squat


Wtd. Dips

Just because it’s Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean you get off easy. You are going to work your ass of before stuffing your face. I think it’s only fair, especially since my T-day consists of left over turkey loaf and 10 hours of working the mean, crime ridden streets of Sacto County with my stanky dog while the rest of you get to lie around, chow some good grub, drink wine, eat pie, smoke a cigar and generally not have to be stuck with said stanky dog. Yes, maybe I am bitter, but you’ll be stronger for it.

Take the necessary rest between reps. This is ME, not MetCon, so take your time with the squats, beofre moving onto dips. Go hard and heavy with good form. Get below parallel in your squat, if you can. If you are going really heavy and not getting below parallel, you aren’t doing anything beneficial for overall leg strength and you are thrashing your knees. If that’s the case, lighten the load and get deep! This rep scheme allows for a progressive load, so start heavy and work to your 1 RM.

Dips are to be done as five rounds of seven reps. Dips are deep, too. Armpits should be below the elbow at the bottom of the movement and full extension at the top.

Think of me while enjoying your Thanksgiving Day!

Mmmmmm, Turkey loaf..... Not Paleo, sorta Zone, but it's edible...
Mmmmmm, Turkey loaf..... Not Paleo, sorta Zone, but it's edible...