WOD 11/2/08


4 Rounds of

25 Swings (M:55/W:35)

20 Knees to Elbows

15 Med. Ball Cleans (M:20/W:15)

10 Burpees

My wife named this gem after having done it some time ago. As it’s name relates, it is tough!

Med Ball cleans may be the only movement in here that may be unfamiliar to most people. These can be a bit technical to learn. Here is a brief video, courtesy of CFHQ that goes over the movement. A couple things to keep in mind are to start with a good deadlift with the ball. It’s no different. Come up to full, triple extension with the hands holding the ball, just like the barbell. The arms should not bend at all (no early arm pull). At the top of the triple extension, shrug the shoulders, get the ball to be momentarily weightless and let go of the ball slightly, while dropping into a front squat position. The elbows should snap forward and you should re-catch the ball at the bottom of your squat. Your hands should pretty much just have rotated along the outside of the med ball before re-engaging it.

If you are pulling/curling with the arms, the ball is going to get a lot of air time and/or you will be spinning it. If you pick a stationary spot on the ball, it should not move from where it started all the way to the finish of the movement. Laces on the med ball are a good indicator for this – if they started facing forward, they should end facing forward. All the ball should do is come straight up, hover for a second as you release it and get under it, and then be caught again.

This is a complex movement that is much easier to coach in person. I have some great tips to make it come together for you, but they’d take up a lot of this post. If these are not coming together for you, just do DB cleans (full squat). Use 20 Lb and 15 Lb DB’s respectively for male or female.

The med ball clean is a great skill transfer exercise. Doing it will translate very nicely to the fundamentals of the barbell clean, thanks to the proprioception going on at this level. All of this repitition makes for great muscle memory and if done correctly, will lead to good habits in similar weightlifting movements.

Lastly, Rick – please don’t do more than this or you might die!

Get some!

One thought on “WOD 11/2/08


    HANGOVER + “HELL” = …….well hell …that was rough….30 min of hell is to much for me…..cant wait to see dressed as hef next year….an’t ya gald i move here….hahah

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