WOD 11/5/08

“Ursa Minor”

5 Rounds

5 Bear Complex

7 Bench Press (BW)

9 L-Pull Ups

* Bear Complex = squat clean, thruster, lunge right, lunge left, back squat, thruster = 1 Rep


OK, this is a tough one. The Bear Complexes in here are brutal. They are also very technical, so seriously write them down somewhere that you can see them while you are in the midst of agony. Each Bear complex will start from the ground. Do a full squat clean, come up, front squat again into a thruster, rack the bar behind the head, do lunges on either side, do a back squat, do another squat to thruster, bring the bar back in front, reset on the ground and go again 4 more times. Then bench and L-pull ups and then start the cycle all over again for a total of 5 rounds through the whole thing (5/7/9).

Very demanding stuff here, so go light. For the vast majority I would recommend 65 Lbs total on the bar. Women go to a 45 Lb Bar alone. Be smart here, and err on the side of light. Trust me, it really won’t make it feel all that much easier. If you are a pipe hittin’, fire breather, you can up the weight, but it’s gonna hurt!  

Set up your bench press in a rack where you have bail out bars available, or use a spotter. Don’t go to absolute failure, instead stop short and just do singles or whatever.

Have fun!

3 thoughts on “WOD 11/5/08

  1. Will Blaker Crossfit OneWorld

    I can’t wait to steal this one and try it out next rest day. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I’m impressed with your various programming, Ian. The power output that is involved is impressive, and a welcomed fresh vantage point from the status quo.

    Talk soon.

  2. Michelle

    Holy Hell! It’s been a while since I thought I couldn’t finish a workout but by round 4 I was doubtful. Since I only weigh 75 lbs the bench press wasn’t so bad. 26″30″

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