WOD 11/6/08


2 Rounds

25 Deadlifts (135)

25 Pull Ups

20 Deadlifts

25 Ring Push Ups

15 Deadlifts

25 Sit Ups

A lot of Deadlifts going on here, so the back may be a bit tired come tomorrow. Still a good workout that I haven’t done in a while.

Once you finish up, please do some core work in the form of L-Sits. If you have rings or paralettes, use them. Rings are harder, but not by much. Try to get in 4 sets of 30 Seconds. If that’t too long, go as long as possible with nicely extended legs. If you are still working towards full leg extension, tuck the knees up and gradually extend them as you get better, or extend one leg at a time as you develop your strength.

3-2-1 …GO!

3 thoughts on “WOD 11/6/08

  1. That was a nice one! I did it as rx’d and began my first focused attempts at the L-sit. The new rings are very humbling. I was able to hold the L for only a short time before switching to knees tucked for the remaining 20 seconds or so. Although I was only able to complete 4 sets, I felt incredibly good afterward. Thanks Ian!!

  2. Nice work, Shaun!

    I haven’t done this WOD in a while. I bumped up the deadlifts to 155, although I know I’ll be glute and back sore tomorrow. I felt pretty good and finished at 14’03”. I still feel so out of whack after being off for the past several days with that heinous flu bug.

  3. So I did this one today. I was going to have Steph “Dos” do it with me but she is not feeling well…..”Hope you feel better really soon Steph”. I felt strong on everything but my pull-ups. I guess doing ANGIE yesterday killed me. Finsished in 18:25. I am ok with that time. Something to smash next time. I really liked this work out because deadlifts are my fav right now.=)

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