The Next Evolution

I am going to go back to the Black Box method of training for a bit and see what happens. For those of you with adventure in your blood, you are more than welcome to follow the upcoming WOD’s as I program and post them here. If you are not digging the routine, jump back to the CF Mainsite posted WOD’s.

I am going to do some targeted Max Effort work for the next few evolutions. This will not be in the form of heavy MetCon WOD’s as we did a while back. Instead, we will be using traditional ME work in various rep schemes and body parts. My goal here is to get pure strength and power up with no dilution of MetCon mixed in. This should allow for better raw strength gains and an increase of lean body mass to go along with it. Winter is a good time to do this. However, I don’t want all our endurance to go down the toilet, so we will still incorporate one MetCon WOD in each evolution, not too long, just enough to keep us balanced.

Our CFT WOD from yesterday will serve as a benchmark for us and come the end of this, we will do CFT again and see what we gained. I would strongly suspect there will be good gains and would be way surprised if there weren’t. My CFT was way down from my PR, partially due to being sick, sore and very underslept, but still it was not a good showing. So, this means we need a change to bring up those numbers. This change and subsequent adaptation will bring about some strong PR’s in your other traditional WOD’s and efforts, believe it or not. Mind you this is not a bodybuilding routine here, this is only targeting multi-joint compound movements that we use in the real world. Squats, deadlifts, pull ups, dips, presses, rows will be implemented in various ways to get what we want out of the movement and body. If you are getting too beat up by the programming, break off for a bit and come back after a couple days off. Also, the increased muscle breakdown and increase in LBM will require a tad more food intake to support the growth of new muscle. Chances are pretty slim that you will get fat in this short period, so don’t sweat it.

 Hardwork = Success

Allison had some strong showings this past week. She said she felt crappy, yet PR’d several WOD’s. I was able to snap some photo’s of her working her butt off in a couple WOD’s. I will be the first to say I think my wife is HOT. She always has been attractive, but over the past year of CF, she has seriously transformed herself. Allison has shed a lot of weight that came with the two boys. Allison is tall and powerfully built for a female, so her weight, shape and fitness has always been a concern for her. The kids didn’t do her any favors and she was seriously down on herself and her self esteem. Enter CrossFit and some very hard work, and you would not know what was, compared to what is.

Allison is ripped, lean, vascular and strong. She has incredible stamina, power, and physical capacity, never before seen – a true athlete. Her confidence is incredible and her attitude can’t be beat. Her hard work has paid off in more ways than just fitness and looking good. I am always impressed with her work ethic when it comes down to having to suffer a bit in order to reap the rewards. She’s happy and in the end, that is all that matters.

This means a lot to people who need to think about what they can achieve if they stick with CrossFit. Many of our clients, including Allison’s sister Stephanie, are making huge gains and finding this to be true. No one would guess how Allison used to look compared to her current state. I can say this for anyone willing to commit to this program and work towards the goal of better health, confidence and fitness. It will come if you want it. Allison is proof.

Catching the Clean - Ursa Minor WOD
Catching the Clean - Ursa Minor WOD
Locked out Thruster - Ursa Minor
Locked out Thruster - Ursa Minor

2 thoughts on “The Next Evolution

  1. Ian, whats up brother?? i’m so glad you’ve been following our blog man, thanks so much for being interested and for plugging our box a couple weeks back. thanks to you we have had so many hit man its crazy! truth be told man, i love your programming. i think your wods have been excellent and i have used several in my own training as you can see, i love lifting heavy weights fast and that what you seem to be doing a lot of lately. i’m stocked you’ve been coming by too man, that’s some serious terminator security we have now hahaha, i just wish that i was there when you did! man, i do hope you can get to the party it would be great to have you, and please when you are in the neighborhood, stop in and train, our gym is your gym. community, that’s what we want to build and i’m glad hat you are part of this one! thanks for the support, ill talk to you soon! -travis

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