WOD 11/8/08

Rest Day!

I was going to write some more stuff, but the damn computers at work and in my car were non compus mentus and I couldn’t get into anything. So, after my beauty sleep is over, I’ll fascinate you all with my literary skills, genius and wit. I bet you all can’t wait…

3-2-1 … Don’t go….

3 thoughts on “WOD 11/8/08

  1. Rick

    Beauty Sleep huh, I guess we will be hearing from you about next Tuesday! Hey is there a reason Cross-fit doesn’t specifically target bi’s? I know they get taxed in pull-ups and some other movements, just curious? Our WOD at the academy Thursday included curls. Thursday night I woke up and couldn’t straighten my arms. I am still walking around like those buffed hard-core body-builder guys.
    Sweet dreams princess,

  2. Funny, Rick…funny…. Bicep curls are about as worthless as tits on a bull. They are a single joint exercise that has no potent transfer to the real world. We gain plenty of strength in our biceps through a variety of movements in CrossFit. That strength is played out when we need to pull something into us or pull ourselves up. When this happens, it is not just a bicep only movement, it is a compound movement that involves the shoulders, back, forearms, etc. You can isolate and train the bicpe to develop contractile strength on it’s own, but in reality, you will not use the bicep this way and all that extra work is for naught. When working the bicep through curls, we are working the muscle in that fashion on it’s own and as such, it will get sore as hell. But the question you need to ask yourself is how much will you use just the bicep in the real world? Isolation/concentric work makes a muscle stronger, in a very limited sense, and bigger, but that is it and it does not make the muscle function better in a wide variety of functional, compound movements and efforts. I can curl almost as much now as I did back when. Another issue is that people get fixated on their “window dressing” and hit biceps and chest in BB routines to have “the look”. The problem here is that the other muscle groups that balance those muscles out, get neglected. This imbalance leads to injury and weakness in a broad sense of using the muscles functionally over varied patterns of application.

    As for rocks, pick a smaller rock next time and stick it in your shorts, numbskull!!!

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