WOD 11/9/08


Front Squats

Bench Press

Time to start getting stronger. We will start with Front Squats and Bench Press. I have used this rep scheme in the past and had good results in PR’s down the road with my 1 RM in the same movement. Working under fatigue and increasing load seems to work well for this.

Front squats are a great quad/glute dominant type of squat. Because of the upright torso posture required to successfully lift like this, the hamstrings have a reduced role in this movement. However, due to the posture and position of the load, the mid-line plays in very strongly. Your torso must stay erect & tight and under heavy weight, your core is working over time to prevent a forward collapse. Keep the elbows up and that will keep the shoulders back and tight. The minute that chain fails, the low back will round and you risk injury and/or failure of the lift. You’ll know when you are getting close to that point. Be smart and retain form. Again, at least parallel in depth with a full lockout at the top. Keep the head neutral and gaze forward.

I use the bench press more than most CF trainers. I still feel the BP has a benefit to any athlete as it is a potent pressing motion involving multiple joints and supporting muscles to make the lift come together. All of these muscles are used in functional physical efforts and need to be trained in concert to work well together. I don’t do this movement for “window dressing” like the BB community, I do it for pure strength in a multitide of pressing movements required in life.

Lower the bar to the chest and lock it out fully on top. Don’t do the high schooler chest bounce move to make the lift. You’ll get hurt and look dumb in the process. Nothing says “uncool” like a cracked sternum. Also, no loud screaming like they do at Golds. If you do that around me, you’ll catch a hot one…again, uncool. Control the motion, your breathing and effort – smooth & steady. Also, keep your butt on the bench and feet on the floor. Arching and flailing like a dying beetle will lead to injury. If you are going heavy with no spotter, set the bail out bars in a place where they will stop the bar from crushing you to death.

Alright, let’s get pumped!   😉     Get some!

3 thoughts on “WOD 11/9/08

  1. I actually surpised myself with some better numbers than I expected. Sundays are hard since I get off of work at 0700 and sleep til about 1230 so I can function normally on my days off. I never know what to expect but I met PR numbers in the front squat and bench. I hope the rest of you had a good run at it as well.

  2. Ang,

    Yes, just do it as a regular ME workout. Do the Squats first and then when you are recovered and ready to roll, do the bench. I will put the primary exercise first in these WOD’s so we get all we can from that muscle group, and then we will do the secondary exercise. Make sure to get at least 2-3 minutes of rest between your sets. I want each effort to be with maximal output. Come in at a low heart rate, fairly recovered and go hard each time. I don’t want any type of MetCon work done on these days, so a lowered heart rate in between is a plus. Take care and let me know if any other questions come up! — Ian

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