ME Clarification

CFC follower Ang Tibay asked a good question regarding the ME WOD’s. “Are they done as 10 squats, 10 bench, 8 squats, 8 bench and so on, or as a regular ME workout?” I should have clarified that – do the WOD as a ME. Do all the squats first with adequate rest between each set. Rest for a bit and then do all the bench press with adequate rest between sets. 2-3 minutes rest is a good mark. This allows the heart reate to get down, the body recovers a bit and then you can put out maximal output for the next round.

If I post two areas to work on, I would like them done in that order. I pick one as a primary movement to be focused on when you are nice and fresh and then a secondary to hit where a bit of fatigue won’t completely make it impossible. I hope that helps some. If you have any questions or comments onthe WOD’s, please shoot me an e-mail or add to the WOD comments. Now get back to work!

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