The Art of Programming

I am sure even Picasso painted a piece of crap once or twice. So it goes with my 7×7 Squat WOD, doubled up with weighted dips. Oye…I tried it and, although I really liked the 7×7 format, doing another weighted movement afterwards was not so grand. We will not be doing that again. The total time for the WOD was a bit longer than I would have liked and that was before my TGU’s. For everyone out there that went and followed me through hell today, I’m sorry you got singed by the flames – it won’t happen again.

The squats went well. They were defintely hard under this scheme and will bring about some benefits in the long run. I just did not anticipate the time and effort requirements therein. I was gassed by the end.

There is an art to programming WOD’s and usually I can hit them on the head and get what I want out of them without overkill. Like I said, today was a “Black Box” experiment and now I know the rep scheme works, but it has to be a singular effort. Hey, even Coach Glassman has made up some funky WOD’s that he later said he wouldn’t do again. It’s trial and error from time to time. You input something into the black box and see what the output/result is. You take what works and discard what doesn’t. Regardless, today’s hard work will have a good payoff down the road, it was just a rough ride to get there.

Alright, I’m done apologizing. We will now go back to me being right all the time…..

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