WOD 11/13/08


Back Squats

Weighted Dips

Interesting rep scheme, eh? Nothing is ever the norm in CrossFit. Let’s try it and see what happens, that’s the Black Box concept at work. Do all the squats first with adequate rest between sets, then rest some more and do the dips.

Load up, set the bar and use your good squat form. Get to parallel or below if you can. Toes slightly out, knees tracking over the toes and get deep. The depth will recruit the use of the hamstrings to aid the quads and glutes, thereby making the squat a tremendous all around leg exercise and it works to provide strength and stability to the knee. Head stays neutral, don’t crane your neck to look up. In fact, under real heavy loads, I am looking down about 4-5 feet in front of me. Remember the high-bar and low-bar set up on the back and the arguments therein. Low bar=less torque on back, able to squat more weight, more pronounced forward torso lean. High bar=bar creates a longer lever on the back, more upright posture, more favored by Oly lifters.  Your choice.

Weighted dips are a good strength builder and under this rep scheme, you will build some muscular endurance too. Load the weight any way you want. Make sure all dips are low enough in depth that the shoulder is below the elbow and at the top, you are fully locked out.

Afterwards, do some good core work in the form of Turkish Get-Ups. Use a KB or DB and work with a weight that is challenging, yet allows you to get out 5 reps per side. Repeat 3 times per side, total of 15 reps per side. There are some tutorial videos of the TGU on the CrossFit main site in the “Exercises and Demos” section. Check it and hit it!

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