WOD 11/21/08


Overhead Squats

Here is a great exercise to build some serious core strength and control. This movement is less about legs as it is shoulders and mid-line stabilization. Besides being great for building strength, coordination, and balance, the OHS comes into play in the Snatch. If you cannot OHS a certain weight, you sure as hell aren’t going to snatch it!

I would recommend starting out in a squat rack and getting the bar in position across the rear shoulders. Step out and push jek it overhead in a wide, yet comfortable grip. Lock out the arms and make sure the shoulders are active-shoulders shrugged into your ears and tight! Find your center balance point and descend to a full depth squat with good squat form. Head is neutral. Come back up, open the hips fully at the top and go again.

If you have never done these in this fashion before, err on the side of light. The shoulders and core can get fatigued quickly and give way before you know it. If that happens, don’t try and save it – step out and dump it.

This whole WOD should be preceded by 2-3 rounds of the CF Warm Up and then when you’re done with the WOD, followed up by some Turkish Get Ups. Aim for 3-4 sets of 5 per side at a reasonable weight.

Get it? Got it? Good!

3x225 Lbs- Aiming for 5 this time.

7 thoughts on “WOD 11/21/08

  1. Rick

    I also did 225 #s minus all those cumbersum plates to worry about. First time with these, and it was a good learning experience. Initially the squat was very shallow, and the heels were coming up. Widened the stance, and 5 pound plates under the heels worked ok. As I came down though besides feeling “weird” my lower back seemed to take the brundt of the load. By the last set I was feeling a little better.


  2. Good work. Yes, the lower back gets taxed heavily in OHS’. Think of the fact that you are creating a VERY long lever arm upon your lower back with the weight overhead. This is why it is imperative to stay super tight through the midsection and lower back. You’ll know right away if it too much as you’ll get overhead and start wobbling like a wet noodle. Nice work for a first time at it.

  3. Bill

    I have played baseball and football my entire. I have to say those workouts were nothing compared what i have been doing the last two weeks. I have never been so humbled in all my life. I feel a lot better and have more energy then ever.

  4. Right on, Bill! I agree 100%. I wrestled, raced bicycles around the world, took part in all kinds of hardcore athletics and never had my ass kicked as much as with CF. I thought I was “in shape.” I wish I knew then what I know now…..

    Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Jason Reed

    First ever heavy lift on OH squats but I managed 155 for two sets. Ian you are kicking my ass over here. I looked at the WOD and thought I might want to do a little more before and after but I thank God I didn’t, I could barely get out of the patrol car with any semblance of dexterity. My 52 y/o out-of-shape, asthmatic sergeant was beating me out of the car tonight. Thanks for the innovative WOD’s, keep em’ coming.


  6. Travis – Thanks, bro. Unfortunately my OHS WOD didn’t go as well as I wanted it to. I felt crappy coming into it and didn’t get past 200 this time. Some days you are on, other days you are not…. next time! Hope all is well at CFES!

    Jason- Keep up the awesome work. Glad to hear I am kicking your ass in all the right ways! After Niclole last night and OHS the day before, I was wrecked at work. I was numb for about 3 hours after going 10-8.

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