WOD 11/23/08



Seven sets of 3 reps of jerks. I am not concerned with whether you split or push jerk the weight. I would recommend using a style that allows you the maximum stability and confidence at heavy weights. For me, that would be splits – I don’t feel super confident at heavy weights with a push jerk. That is something to work on, but during a skill session, not a specific ME WOD. I like this rep scheme with shoulder based WODs. With higher reps at heavy weight, I tend to lose the active shoulder and start getting loose and sloppy. I would rather stay tight and confident during the movement.

What’s the difference between a “push” jerk and a “split” jerk, you might ask? Even if you didn’t, I’m gonna dazzle you with my brilliance and tell you. The split is preferred by many Oly lifters as it allows for a bit more wiggle room in adjustments to position when under the bar and it also allows the lifter to get down deep under a very heavy bar. If the bar is real heavy and the elevation you create on it is not enough, you may not get under it entirely in a push jerk. A split will give you some extra depth to work with. The split tends to be a bit more stable in fore/aft motion & pretty good side to side, as long as the feet are not too in-line. You will also see more weight being jerked with a split. That being said, Greek Olympic Champion, Pyros Dimas, won more than a few gold medals with phenomenally heavy push jerks (check out Youtube for some crazy vids of him). He’s not too tall and obviously can create some serious upward momentum on the bar to allow him to get under it like that. Play with the two styles on a skill session day and see for yourself which works best for you. Both movements are agressive – get under fast and get the feet down quick and hard.

Start your weight in a squat rack where you can walk into it and set up in a nice front rack position. Step out, set up and lock in before dipping and driving vertically to propel the weight up off the shoulder caps. Drive it up overhead and hit the jerk fast and aggressive. Get under the bar quick and lock it out. Recover your feet entirely and then stand tall for a second before re-setting and going again. If you are splitting, the front foot will recover first (slides back under you) and then the rear foot comes up. It keeps the weight properly distributed this way.

This WOD should cap off the week nicely and get us into some good rest.

You ready? GO!

3 thoughts on “WOD 11/23/08

  1. Holy cats! Smokin’ lift, bro! I only got to 200 in the jerks, although I have C&J’d 230 from the floor in the past. I ended the set with two C&J at 200 and called it good.

    Deads were pretty decent. Ended up at 360 for triples, which is a PR for triples for me. I have 1RM’d 375 in the past. So an increase in my triples means the 1RM has gone up too.

    Hit it hard, Jason!

  2. Jason Reed

    Nice lifts! Dead lifts sucked for me. I killed myself mentally, I could only muster 325 for one set. I PR’s 385 x1 at Oneworld when I first started CF but not today. I can’t believe the 230 C&J from the floor, I can’t get past that mental block. I hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving. I gonna try the WOD but I’ve gotta play a little Turkey Bowl footbal in the street with my kids and neighbors. I also am working the night of T-day. You have a safe night.

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