Popping the Question

It’s no secret that Allison and I would like CFC to be in a large, full scale box, nicely outfitted and equipped and ready to handle mutliple clients and group sessions throughout the day. We love what we are doing and want to get as many folks involved as possible. However, we also know we are limited by geography and clientele base at our current location and along those lines, we have begun the process of looking for a “real” home for CFC. For us and many of our potential and existing clients, the best area we have found that would be fairly centrally located for people would be in the Rancho Cordova area, at or near the Sunrise/Folsom Boulevard corridor. This area is right off the freeway, is close to other amenities, and is loaded with light industrial spaces, perfect for a box. With that in mind, we also want to know what our potential for business would be from our CFC followers in the Sacramento Area. This will help us gauge whether this move is a sound idea or not. Fees and professional discounts as per our main page would still be in effect.

So, for those of you who are local, I would be very, very interested and appreciative if you wouldn’t mind telling me if you would consider joining/training at CrossFit Centurion in an expanded location. If not, I wouldn’t mind hearing why as well since it will help our thought process in providing a better service to the public. If you don’t mind, take a second and leave an answer in the “comments” section at the end of this post, or if you wish to keep it more private, send me an email at staff@crossfitcenturion.com . I am trying to ban “K95” from commenting since I know it will involve some comment about how I look/smell/sound funny or that those were his handprints on Allison’s butt….So for everyone else out there, please drop me a line.


12 thoughts on “Popping the Question

  1. Rick

    I’m a believer! I’m in! Amy needs a pool,,,,and tanning, but I think CFF would be a nice compliment for her, maybe weekend WOD’s for her. I will get the EVOC guys/gal to chime in, but if you are in or pretty close to beautiful Rancho Cordova, I would allow them/us to WOD at lunch or time before work.

    I don’t see any reason we can’t do what we are doing with that other gym also. If you are willing to offer a discount to cop/fire peeps I can send that info through the job stewards and LEMA.

    Of course let me know what I can do to help you guys out.

  2. Steve


    We have a group of five doing workouts here, and I’m sure at least a few of us are ready to take the next step. I’m hanging my rings in the garage here so we can try muscle ups and our form on most exercises is scary, , , but we’re motivated and doing it.

  3. Doug

    After a 10 year membership at globo gym, I’m letting it go at the end of next month. My plan is to jump in to CF, and while I have a lot of the equipment at home, I am very much lacking in the knowledge of proper form. At a minimum I would pay for some sessions, but would also consider a monthly membership. If you opened a box anywhere closer than your currently location that would increase the chances that I would be throwing money at you more often!

    I can’t imagine that anyone out there has the passion and the knowledge you do, which will certainly ensure your success. Best of luck!

  4. K95

    I like…I would hit some weekend WOD’s. How about a mat for those who want to roll or spar a little too? And there is no way you can prove those are my hand prints!

  5. Ty

    Like some of the others, I would, at the very least, like come in for some form training. Some of the other guys I work out with have experienced some injuries due to bad form. The extra pointers from the “man” would definately benefit.

  6. Joey

    I have been following your WOD’s and getting my butt kicked. I’ve become a believer in crossfit and would swap my gym membership to join yours. Keep up the good work.

  7. Scott

    Hey Ian-

    You already know my feelings. Consider me signed up when you nail this down. I have a few other guys interested also.


  8. Brookess

    You both know I support your dreams and desires. Selfishly I would like some form of CFC to remain in RM. This has been the most incredible fitness program ever. I’m committed to staying with it and am also very realistic about the fact that I am currently single parenting 3 teenage girls. Until their Dad gets transferred I don’t see myself in RC until 7:00 3 nites a week. That being said – your desires to reach a larger audience prevail…

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